Hammer and Scorecard

Here’s a brief video that explains the way the election was stolen from President Trump.  It’s been used before.  Records are available to demonstrate.  More later today.



How Virginia Went Blue

It’s incredible that people don’t know this!  Why is a group that calls itself non-partisan getting away with this crap?  People need to wake up and realize how deceptive the far left is, and how they are tied to Communist China is no many ways.  This is critical, folks.

Tomorrow, January 6, 2021 The Big March on DC

In support of President Trump.  Here’s a video of the last time I was up for a protest in DC.  Seems it was 2009, and this was the biggest thing I’ve ever been to in DC.  I was overwhelmed by the crowd.  What a wonderful bunch of plain old Americans all headed into the city to protest Obama’s plans for Obamacare and more leftist things as well.  We wanted a budget, and small government that kept out of our lives, and left us alone.  Tea Party it was branded.  When they left the city, the protest signs were all properly deposited in trash cans, and there was no mess on the mall.  No trash stewn everywhere!  The contrast between this march and the mess after Obama’s inauguration was stunning!

Folks, these are my people!  All sorts, all colors, all kinds of Americans.  I’m proud to have been there.  These are the “deplorables” according to Hillary Clinton.  I know I cannot make it tomorrow.  Age and decrepitude have taken their toll.  But in spirit, I will be there!