Antifa wants Sharia Law?

I can’t get over the news from the demonstrations over the weekend organized by ACT for America.  Breitbart is reporting that while there were demonstrations in 28 major cities across the nation calling for Congress to outlaw Sharia Law.  There were significant violent and ugly counter demonstrations, that included Antifa and many others shouting down speakers, and bullhorning the crowds calling marchers bigots, and islamophobes and hateful.  There were several violent interactions as well.

I have to wonder how people can go out and stand up for a system of law that is contrary to our Constitutional system of law.  So, innocent until proven guilty by a jury of your peers is not good enough?  Lying, cheating, stealing, violence of all sorts, are all unlawful here.  We have the protection of the law of THIS land.

Yet Sharia would punish women with stoning, and whips, visit female genital mutilation on young girls, throw homosexuals off buildings, toss acid in the faces of people not dressed to their strict notions, and kill apostates.  Don’t these people know that???

I can see we have many Muslims, and most are good people.  But as things stand now, they are protected by our system of laws.  As their numbers grow so do the calls for Sharia among the larger communities.  We can see how well that is working across Europe today, where whole Muslim enclaves have become no go zones, and women do not have the liberties American women have.  Here, our Muslim women have liberties and freedoms Muslim women elsewhere do not have.

Indeed, I agree that where possible, large prosperous nation should take in refugees and aid them during times when living in their own countries is terribly dangerous.  But assimilation to the laws and rights of the citizens must be respected by those refugees.  Demanding host nation to adapt to the culture of the refugees is wrong.  Assimilation in style of dress is one thing, but demanding places to wash feet, demanding special food preparation, demanding  safe spaces they don’t grant to others is wrong.

I feel that as a nation, in order to protect our own culture and laws, as well as the individual rights and freedoms of our Muslim women, asking Congress to outlaw Sharia Law in our courts, and all our states is essential for peace.

Why does Antifa want Sharia Law???  Ask yourself if Antifa is really something you would take a stand with, after this incredible eye opener into what they really want.  Seems they desire to destabilize the nation.  Not anti-fascist at all, but anti-America.  Who needs them?



What say you?