Government Corruption

Never in history have we ever had a president whose very executive branch held him in contempt, and refused to function in order to hurt him. Never in history as there been such animus displayed directed at the sitting president. Never in history has there been a time when the president issues tweets like this, filled with disgust at his own inability to get the people who work for him to do their jobs.

I’m equally as frustrated as the president.  Reading Milo’s The Roger Stone Trial, and I can see just how impossible it may be for AG Barr to find a jury pool that would convict any of the perpetrators of the Spygate attempt to take down this administration.  How devious and corrupt the federal court system has become.  Good God, help us.

World Economic Forum RESET for us.

Can this really be true?

This is just a look at our future, which I think I’ll mostly miss because this might be the reason so many elderly had to die from COVID-19.  These people have never been elected.  Never been trusted by the world or the US population!

President Trump is all that’s standing in the way and stopping this!

The problem – Critical Social Justice is the virus

This is the root of our problems in society today!   This is a must watch!  It will solidify all your notions of what is going on, and why the culture has become so stunningly sick!

Any of you who think you have it figured out, and can point a finger of blame here or there, racism, inequality, sexism, liberalism……   just watch, and you will get a real picture of what’s been going on.

It dates back to the old Frankfort School of Marxist ideology, but instead of going after a society economically, it’s going after the culture instead.  Check it out.  This stuff is being pumped into your kids daily in schools and you pay big bucks for them to infect your kids with it in colleges and universities all across the country.