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Here is DCDave and his remarks about the ASsad attack

Lying about Syria and Bombing

By David Martin (

The determination of the American ruling establishment to change the secular, authoritarian regime in Syria, just as we have done before in Iraq and Libya, and, quite possibly, even in Iran, has been on display for quite some time now. We saw a strong indication of our intentions in early 2005 when George W. Bush was president and the former and likely future prime minister of Syria, Rafiq Hariri, was assassinated by a bomb. At that time there was a rush in the American press to blame Bashar Assad, the president of Syria, for the attack, based only upon the fact that Hariri was opposed to Syria’s domination of Lebanon.

One could argue just as persuasively that the very purpose of the killing, like the supposed “gas attacks on his own people” in 2013 and just this week, was to vilify Assad and to provide a pretext for replacing him with…chaos in Syria, after the fashion of the regime change in Iraq and later in Libya. “Always the goal is to wipe out any secular resistance to Western and Israeli incursions,” is how Justin Raimondo of put it at the time.

In the video that Buelahman made of my song, “We’re the USA,” it is of some interest that the second time the words are sung, “Maybe we’ll invade you too…and you,” we see a map of Syria and a photograph of Bashar Assad.

Well before that I had weighed in on the bombing that killed Hariri with the observation that if our press was lying about who did it, it would certainly not be the first time that they had not told the truth about an important bombing:

Lying about Bombing

On Monday, February 14 [2005], a very powerful bomb in Beirut killed former Lebanese prime minister, Rafiq Hariri and 13 other people. No evidence has been produced as to who might have placed the bomb. That did not stop the major American news media from pointing the finger of suspicion at the government of Bashar Assad of Syria, even as they were reporting the news of the tragedy, and the United States government has withdrawn its ambassador from Syria in “retaliation,” as if Bush and company were certain that Syria was to blame.

On Wednesday, February 16, the “liberal opposition” newspaper, The Washington Post, surged to the front of the pack of hounds baying for strong measures against Syria with a lead editorial entitled, “Murder in Beirut.”

“The despicable murder of Mr. Hariri benefits no one outside the rogue regime in Damascus—and the world should respond accordingly,” it said. “If the assassination of Mr. Hariri—the most plausible leader of a truly independent Lebanon—looks like the panicked act of a cornered tyrant, the shoe snugly fits Mr. Assad.”

But should we really take on faith what we are told by American government leaders and the likes of The Washington Post when it comes to shadowy political bombings? An Associated Press article on the effects of the Beirut bomb published in that same issue of The Washington Post, on page A14 suggests very strongly that we should not. Notice the damage that was done to the building that faces the street where the bomb exploded, leaving a massive crater. The entire façade of the building is stripped away, but all the support columns remain standing. The same thing occurred when the Khobar Towers building, housing U.S. military personnel in Saudi Arabia, was bombed.

Recall now that the United States government and the American news media want us to believe that a similar bomb out in the street in front of the building caused all the damage to the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City. But as we look at that damage, we see that a large section of the Murrah Building was gouged out, caused by the collapse of not just front row support columns, but by others farther back in the building. The collapsing columns, as we can see from the photograph, were also considerably farther from the street blast than were several others.

In 1995, retired Air Force weapons expert, General Benton Partin, told us that the damage to the support columns of the Murrah Building could not possibly have resulted from a bomb in the street of the size of the one that blew up the Ryder truck. Air, he pointed out, is a great absorber of energy, and by the time the blast wave reached the columns it would exert only a tiny fraction of the force needed to cause any of them to fall. His argument made sense at the time, but The Washington Post was among those who made sure that not many people heard it. The picture they have now published of the fateful bomb in Beirut virtually proves that General Partin was right. The Post and the government lied to us about what happened in Oklahoma City. Should we trust them over what happened in Beirut?

David Martin
February 21, 2005

If they would lie about bombing, they would certainly lie about gassing as well.

David Martin
April 7, 2017

Just My Own Take on Pres. Trump’s Syria Attack

I get it.  I get it that he was affected by gas attack that killed babies.  I get it that Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley was badly affected by the poor dead babies.  I get it that most mothers the world over were incensed, and their hearts bled over the devastating videos of the horror of the results of a gas attack on Syrian children.

I get it that Assad reportedly used chemical weapons on his own people back some time ago.  (Although there are reports that dispute this claim.)

My heart bleeds over dead babies as well.

But the issue at hand is not just dead babies. It’s the speed with which this whole thing went down.  Evidence that Assad did order such an attack is absent.  Motive for such an attack is absent.  The President had come around to agreeing that it wasn’t necessary to eliminate Assad in order to work with Russia to fight ISIS.  Things were looking up for Assad and his government.  He’d been winning.  It makes no sense to risk that for a target that was not in any way strategic, or important.  The old question, cui bono, who benefits is such an obvious one here.

The Russians in their denial of Assad’s guilt over this gas attack make sense.  Videos to tear the heart showing up at just this time so quickly just seem fishy.  The doctor involved in these videos was on trial for aiding terrorists in the UK and his medical license lifted.  Of course, it was an enclave of rebels that was bombed.  The only other evidence I’ve seen is classic satellite pictures claiming to show a single fixed wing aircraft from the air field President Trump bombed.

Who can really say the chemical weapons were on that airplane?  Definitively?  It was a rebel stronghold, and the rebels were just as likely to have a stockpile of their own homemade sarin gas right there.  Bombs hitting it would produce the same result.  Since the rebels (too many different groups) have been accused in the past of faking gas attacks on themselves to gain political advantage, why not consider that possibility?

I’m not opposed to President Trump righteously responding to such an attack, although I do not approve of attacking a sovereign country that poses no risk or threat to us, but I think he should have waited a few more days.  I know it’s impossible to trust humint from anywhere in the Middle East these days, but no real effort was made to determine which of the two sides was culpable in the deaths of these children.

Haley and Tillerson were charging Assad before the day was out and claiming the evidence was indisputable.  I’ve long history of learning how wrong and deceitful government claims and reports are and must, must question authority.  Always.  Question.  I wish the President had done so.

We’ve allied with Russia before to defeat totalitarians.  This attack drove a wedge between our two nations and we may not recover quickly.  We have a common enemy.  And it isn’t Bashar Al Assad.  He’s secular, and has historically protected minorities in his country.

Huge numbers of President Trumps voters and devoted followers are now concerned and disgusted.  He said he would not involve us in the quicksand of the Middle East.  Yet here we are.  The Globalists must be so happy.

Recalling Pallywood deceit.

Farkas? New York Times?

While yesterday, the video of Evelyn Farkas appearing on MSNBC having rather lots to say about the Obama officials surveiling Trump transition team, today we have Snopes claiming nothing is new here.  Hmmmm.

Then there’s the New York Times story in January.  Admits that intercepted Russian communications were being saved to investigate the Trump administration.

Just how on earth are we to surmise under the circumstances that the Obama administration did nothing illegal or “inappropriate” in surveiling the current president?  Why does he get cover and his wrong doing is ignored by media?

Where is this story in the WaPo, and why has the New York Times not revisited this story, published in it’s own pages?


Another Softwar revelation!

Occasionally, I’ll post something exactly from, because it’s critical information, and everyone should wake up about encryption.





The Wikileaks disclosure of CIA espionage software is supposed to be about Big Brother. They are defensive in nature designed to monitor and tap into our computers and communications. However, these programs have more than just a passive surveillance function. They also can kill.

Quietly embedded in the latest Wikileaks disclosure of CIA exploits is a cute little program called NightSkies. NightSkies is one in a series of Apple malware programs under a project called Triton. These programs are designed to monitor and “beacon” back information stolen from infected Apple computers. NightSkies has one nice little feature in its arsenal of functions… it can also execute any other program downloaded secretly from a remote CIA “Listening Post”.

<click image to see Wikileaks document>

At first, this feature seems logical and more or less harmless. It is not. It is this feature that murder by software is enabled.

If the infected computer is used in an industrial, internet of things, military or medical application it can be turned into an assassination machine. While Apple computers are not often used in the military, industrial or Internet of Things fields, they are frequently found inside hospitals and they communicate with other critical systems as well – all of which can be the difference between life and death for a patient.

Clearly, the NightSkies design is not the only such program in the CIA arsenal. Similar features will be found embedded within other CIA exploit programs designed for the other major operating systems such as Android, Windows and Linux.

For example, a computer monitoring the condition of a patient can be told to ignore signs of a heart attack and not alert the staff. Other medical computers control more than just monitoring a patient, for example computers often control blood filtering for kidney dialysis. In fact the medical industry is filled with computers that perform a wide variety of life critical functions, diagnosis of brain tissues, X-ray controls, chemotherapy control, and delivery of intravenous medicines.

It is this remote code execution feature and payload delivery of the CIA NightSkies design that is of greatest concern. It could range from a subtle change in the dosage of medicine that becomes lethal, deliver a series of lethal X-Ray or radiation therapy treatments, or perform miss-diagnosis of a condition so that medical staff delivers lethal treatment. The computers involved could show the operators that they are performing flawlessly while at the same time dosing a patient with a massive amount of radiation.

NightSkies design also combines itself with embedded clock timers, to install itself and execute at a specific data/time and then de-install and delete itself at another pre-designated time. Thus, making it possible for the program to execute its prime function, kill and then delete itself, leaving no evidence behind. In addition, the NightSkies design exploits are built to be ignored and accepted by Anti-Virus programs; therefore they are almost invisible to current defenses. Finally, the NightSkies design programs communicate with their host Listening Post (LP) using encrypted communications so when they do “beacon” the data transmission is undecipherable. All these features combine to make NightSkies designs the perfect assassination tool.

The myriad of devices that we rely on for critical life functions that use any of the major operating systems are vulnerable to this kind of attack. These operating systems function aboard airliners, automobiles, in water plants, sewage facilities, oil pipelines, traffic control, police, fire, and rescue and are even present inside the controls for nuclear weapon systems. For example, the British force of nuclear tipped Trident submarines run a variant of Windows XP.

It is now clear exactly how dangerous the CIA exploits are. They are not simple defensive surveillance tools if they can download other programs unseen and then execute them. They become offensive weapons designed to kill.




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