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Farkas? New York Times?

While yesterday, the video of Evelyn Farkas appearing on MSNBC having rather lots to say about the Obama officials surveiling Trump transition team, today we have Snopes claiming nothing is new here.  Hmmmm.

Then there’s the New York Times story in January.  Admits that intercepted Russian communications were being saved to investigate the Trump administration.

Just how on earth are we to surmise under the circumstances that the Obama administration did nothing illegal or “inappropriate” in surveiling the current president?  Why does he get cover and his wrong doing is ignored by media?

Where is this story in the WaPo, and why has the New York Times not revisited this story, published in it’s own pages?


New Site for News, ThePopulist.US


I’ve been looking forward to this new site since Lee Stranahan announced his departure from Breitbart.  He seems level headed, and his Stranahan Report in my email box daily has been a big help.  It’s a great way to start the day.

It’s important to note that Lee does not only use information from right wing sites.  Many main stream media sites also do have good information.  One cannot know truth from inside a bubble, so he mines both right and left news sources daily, and gives a feel for the different ways they are reporting on news stories.  It’s a good idea to keep an open mind, and research on your own, rather than staying in a bubble.

Give it a shot!  It doesn’t seem monetized yet.  I sure like the way it’s laid out, so far.

He also has a Citizen Journalism School should you become interested enough to pursue doing your own journalism or investigating news stories.