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Market-ticker guy has the answer for “health care”

There’s no getting away from the fact that we don’t want government interfering in our health care, and we don’t want higher costs.  Lower costs, and freedom from government intervention so folks can choose what coverages they are willing to buy will create a free market system wherein lots of folks will be able to afford health insurance.

Ann Coulter also recommends just not bothering to repeal, but to pass a bill allowing for the selling of health insurance.  Hmmm.

Here’s Karl Denninger’s plan.  I like it.

Really, just get government out of our health care system.

Farkas? New York Times?

While yesterday, the video of Evelyn Farkas appearing on MSNBC having rather lots to say about the Obama officials surveiling Trump transition team, today we have Snopes claiming nothing is new here.  Hmmmm.

Then there’s the New York Times story in January.  Admits that intercepted Russian communications were being saved to investigate the Trump administration.

Just how on earth are we to surmise under the circumstances that the Obama administration did nothing illegal or “inappropriate” in surveiling the current president?  Why does he get cover and his wrong doing is ignored by media?

Where is this story in the WaPo, and why has the New York Times not revisited this story, published in it’s own pages?


New Site for News, ThePopulist.US


I’ve been looking forward to this new site since Lee Stranahan announced his departure from Breitbart.  He seems level headed, and his Stranahan Report in my email box daily has been a big help.  It’s a great way to start the day.

It’s important to note that Lee does not only use information from right wing sites.  Many main stream media sites also do have good information.  One cannot know truth from inside a bubble, so he mines both right and left news sources daily, and gives a feel for the different ways they are reporting on news stories.  It’s a good idea to keep an open mind, and research on your own, rather than staying in a bubble.

Give it a shot!  It doesn’t seem monetized yet.  I sure like the way it’s laid out, so far.

He also has a Citizen Journalism School should you become interested enough to pursue doing your own journalism or investigating news stories.

What’s new is old, and vice versa, again

The hearings on the hill yesterday, to investigate the issue of Russian interference and possible collusion in the election of President Donald Trump are as usual, pumped up with hype, hyperbole, and angst, with each questioner grandstanding long enough for him/her to feel satisfied he”s putting on a good show for his constituency.  In other words, bloviating long past the need.

While it”s true there was some sharp questioning, it seems strange that so many questions were not asked.  So many people were not called to testify.  So much was left out.  The upshot of the entire affair is Dir. Comey gets to state on the record, under oath, that President Trump has no evidence of “wiretapping” of him or his administration before the election, but that the Trump Administration is under investigation.

Media just takes that as fact.

Not I.  I”m old enough to have lived through and sat through the entire hearing for impeachment of President Clinton,  I saw all the old tactics, still being used today, to obfuscate, to deceive.  All the questions that weren’t asked.  All the documentation not presented, no called into question.  I remember all the Foster death cover up scandal, and how that was dealt with during these crucial most important hearings, and I know media aided the Clinton administration in a massive cover up.  Media now claims their conclusions are facts.

I saw how the Senate handled the impeachment trial.  I saw how not a single senator went into the room where there were boxes and boxes of thousands of pages of evidence, and never once looked at any of it.

I saw how they refused to look at the evidence, their minds made up in advance.  A travesty of justice, right there.

The games they play in the capital are serious.  No matter how excited we get over the facts, the evidence, the testimony, the cover up, media will side with the leftists in power, and claim the results of their posturing, their deceit are the facts.\r\n\r\nI have no faith in government.  It”s usually working on solving problems it created in the first place, and chest beating about how great a job they are doing getting to the bottom of this or that scandal.  There”s so much under the rug, you can”t walk on it anymore.

Cynical, I know.  But there you have it.  I’ll believe Judge Nap over Comey any day.