Tense Times! This Week!

This week, there will be run off election for the Senate in Georgia.  Media is having fits about the phone call Trump had with the Secretary of State of Georgia about the stolen election on November 3.

This run off election is tomorrow.

Wednesday is the big Protest in DC with Trump supporters from around the country coming on the same day the Congress calls it’s joint session to accept the Electoral College votes, from the challenging states as well.

If you want to take an active part in saving the nation, you can join Digital Warriors USA and spread the word far and wide that partriots need to prepare for our future.  They use Telegram which is secure.   And you will be carefully vetted.



Election Over, Stolen, and Supremes have Let Us Down

So, now, what will President Trump do?  There are a few outstanding suits roaming around out there in state courts, but I haven’t much hope they will come to fruition.  That just leaves the Executive Order he signed back in 2018 about election interference. Now, I’m worried about it. Indeed, scared.

It may be a good thing we are all on lockdown of one sort or another right now.

This week is critical. Anything can happen.


Much earlier discussion of this executive order, and what people thought back in 2018.