The problem – Critical Social Justice is the virus

This is the root of our problems in society today!   This is a must watch!  It will solidify all your notions of what is going on, and why the culture has become so stunningly sick!

Any of you who think you have it figured out, and can point a finger of blame here or there, racism, inequality, sexism, liberalism……   just watch, and you will get a real picture of what’s been going on.

It dates back to the old Frankfort School of Marxist ideology, but instead of going after a society economically, it’s going after the culture instead.  Check it out.  This stuff is being pumped into your kids daily in schools and you pay big bucks for them to infect your kids with it in colleges and universities all across the country.


When in the course of human events….

Rant on here….

“When in the course of human events…..”

“We hold these truths to be self-evident”

That means even idiots, the great unwashed, the ignorant, all understand that this is TRUTH

“that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator”

That means equal and given by God, or if you don’t believe, then you were BORN with

“certain unalienable”

and that means government cannot take these away from you

“rights, that among these”

that means there are others as well, undefined, because our founding fathers were wise enough to know
they couldn’t dictate what all your rights are

“are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

I shouldn’t have to explain these.

“That to secure these rights”

That really is in the Declaration of Independence, the entire and sole purpose of government, right there!

“governments are instituted among men deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.”

JUST powers. JUST powers are not powers to take away our rights! The entire purpose of government is spelled out right there. To secure our rights! To secure our freedoms! To protect the fundamental God-given rights we have from our creator.

Understand, I will fight for these rights. For hundreds of years, our young men have spent their lives in wars to “secure these rights” for us and our posterity. We have a long history of fights to secure civil rights here as well.

These words from our founding documents were written by a proud Virginian. It is unconscionable that today Virginia is controlled by a petty tyrant who would arbitrarily decide which business can prosper and which
must close, which people may earn their salaries, and which cannot.

There is no LAW that says face masks must be worn. I will respect the rights of those who refuse.

There is no law saying one must stay 6 feet away from anyone else. I will not report on or shame those who fail to comply.

I will not relinquish them to tyrants who think I will follow arrows painted on their floors in order to shop. I will not be told which direction to walk outside either. I will not comply. I will not be a sheep, or be treated like a pre-schooler standing in line to buy groceries. I will take my money elsewhere.

I will not be treated in any store as though they are doing me a favor. I will shop elsewhere.

And I will not be told I’m being selfish.