Perhaps it’s me who is confused….Russia/Communism

Directly after World War II, folks here and in Europe recognized that we had been allied with the USSR in our fight against the Nazis in Germany.

Waking to this realization, the Cold War became very real for quite a long time.  The problem was the USSR was Communist, and wanted global communism.

One Wisconsin Senator,  Joseph McCarthy in the Senate, and in the House, the HUAC, Unamerican Activities Committee, investigated, held hearings, did speeches.  The world was anti-communist, or at least the US and Western Europe were.


Then McCarthy was excoriated, the HUAC shut down, and Hollywood and the news media celebrated freedom, and free speech.  (Just not Joe McCarthy’s free speech.)

And there were no communists in government.  No boogymen to worry our silly little heads!  How evil it was to accuse folks!

Free speech prevailed!  Everyone could have whatever ideas they liked, and express them because we had a First Amendment!  The people loved it!

Then “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!” occurred, and the old USSR dissolved.  Eastern Europe became free and everyone loved it!

No more fear, no more worry about that old boogyman Communism.

But since the election of Pres. Donald J. Trump, our own left, those who have drifted so far left it’s impossible to recognize the Democrat Party now, without calling it socialist, is Russia crazy!  Why?

Probably more democrats wanted Bernie Sanders, an avowed socialist (think communist-lite, on the way to communist) than wanted Hillary Clinton to be president.  The Democrats WANT socialism.  They aren’t afraid of socialism becoming communism because they arrogantly think “we will do it right, where it hasn’t ever been done the right way before!”

I suspect the majority of Democrats wanted Sanders.

Yet since the election, the shrill, and constant shriek of the left over Russia! Russia! Russia!  Why?

Are they afraid Russia will turn us communist?

Are they afraid Russia will invade?  (I’m aware the whole Russia/Collusion issue was a ruse to drive the “resistance” into concerted efforts to bring down the newly elected president, but can’t figure out on the basis of what?  What’s the big Russia fear?

It can’t be the influence over our election causing all this hair pulling.  The US has interfered in more countries, and more elections than any other country, probably.

It could just be the “Trump Derangement Syndrome” we read of so often.  Yes.  Maybe so.

What say you?