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Just My Own Take on Pres. Trump’s Syria Attack

I get it.  I get it that he was affected by gas attack that killed babies.  I get it that Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley was badly affected by the poor dead babies.  I get it that most mothers the world over were incensed, and their hearts bled over the devastating videos of the horror of the results of a gas attack on Syrian children.

I get it that Assad reportedly used chemical weapons on his own people back some time ago.  (Although there are reports that dispute this claim.)

My heart bleeds over dead babies as well.

But the issue at hand is not just dead babies. It’s the speed with which this whole thing went down.  Evidence that Assad did order such an attack is absent.  Motive for such an attack is absent.  The President had come around to agreeing that it wasn’t necessary to eliminate Assad in order to work with Russia to fight ISIS.  Things were looking up for Assad and his government.  He’d been winning.  It makes no sense to risk that for a target that was not in any way strategic, or important.  The old question, cui bono, who benefits is such an obvious one here.

The Russians in their denial of Assad’s guilt over this gas attack make sense.  Videos to tear the heart showing up at just this time so quickly just seem fishy.  The doctor involved in these videos was on trial for aiding terrorists in the UK and his medical license lifted.  Of course, it was an enclave of rebels that was bombed.  The only other evidence I’ve seen is classic satellite pictures claiming to show a single fixed wing aircraft from the air field President Trump bombed.

Who can really say the chemical weapons were on that airplane?  Definitively?  It was a rebel stronghold, and the rebels were just as likely to have a stockpile of their own homemade sarin gas right there.  Bombs hitting it would produce the same result.  Since the rebels (too many different groups) have been accused in the past of faking gas attacks on themselves to gain political advantage, why not consider that possibility?

I’m not opposed to President Trump righteously responding to such an attack, although I do not approve of attacking a sovereign country that poses no risk or threat to us, but I think he should have waited a few more days.  I know it’s impossible to trust humint from anywhere in the Middle East these days, but no real effort was made to determine which of the two sides was culpable in the deaths of these children.

Haley and Tillerson were charging Assad before the day was out and claiming the evidence was indisputable.  I’ve long history of learning how wrong and deceitful government claims and reports are and must, must question authority.  Always.  Question.  I wish the President had done so.

We’ve allied with Russia before to defeat totalitarians.  This attack drove a wedge between our two nations and we may not recover quickly.  We have a common enemy.  And it isn’t Bashar Al Assad.  He’s secular, and has historically protected minorities in his country.

Huge numbers of President Trumps voters and devoted followers are now concerned and disgusted.  He said he would not involve us in the quicksand of the Middle East.  Yet here we are.  The Globalists must be so happy.

Recalling Pallywood deceit.