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New AnimBot Vid from Shenanigans Using Maya

I know, not what you were expecting, but this youtube video shows in great detail how to make animating in Maya easier using AnimBot.  There are many good tutorial videos on the Shenanigans account at youtube, and if you are remotely interested in 3D Animation, to learn this highly technical skill, this is a good…

Today, the WSJ Tells Us Fed Officials Trade in Stocks they Regulate

Now, that’s a glaring CONFLICT OF INTEREST!  Make no mistake.  They are doing what other poor saps have gone to jail over, and this should definitely not be legal!  How could this be legal? How could federal officials in NIH have patents on drugs?  On vaccines?  How could federal officials, OUR EMPLOYEES, be giving grants…

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I WILL Express my Thoughts! I WILL NOT COMPLY!

Amendment I Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. Remember this?  Oh, it wasn’t Congress, but it…

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Gail Golec John Thayer Interview – Dynamite!

This is further on the report from Jaqueline Breger yesterday, and there’s a ton of stuff here.  Stunning stuff!  Also, we now have access to the documentation from Jovan Pulitzer, here. This stuff is stunning! You can get the docs yourself, because it’s huge, and took forever for me to download. “#BREAKING Get the entire…

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Hot Happenings in Arizona!

Yesterday, there was a public hearing, and information was made public that should stir lots of folks in Arizona to do something more than just talk.  Something tells me several at this hearing were not expecting these facts to come to light.  Very interesting.  Not just interesting!  This is DYNAMITE!  Hope these people have security!

Hell in a HandBasket

Hell in a HandBasket

The country is falling apart.  The balloon fiasco is evidence, but, hey.  The claim from an anonymous source that balloons from China crossed the country during Trump’s term has been shot down by named intelligence folks and no matter how much media grumbles and claims Trump was kept in the dark, it just doesn’t wash….

Merry Christmas, All!

I have no idea how the judge will rule on the Kari Lake/Katie Hobbs hearing, but it seemed to me the Kari Lake’s attorneys did a good job, and their witnesses were compelling.  Watching the witnesses for the defense was a joke, as Richer obviously lied about his PAC, which most of us knew about,…

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Much Going On, and it’s not good

In Arizona, with election lawsuits before the courts, after a clearly botched 2022 election, and many of the same issues as found in 2020 rearing their ugly heads again, hearings in courts are compelling, and of great interest.  Voters want their votes to count, and their choices, their true choices, to be in those seats….

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Star Spangled Banner by Madison Rising…my new favorite song!

Who knew I’d like a rock version of the National Anthem?  Who knew the Star Spangled Banner could be sung with such soul, and feeling!  Oh, and the instrumental part is moving, and terrific.  Dave Bray did the arrangement and writing, and they broke up, but he’s still around, and still making great patriotic music…

Haven’t Touched on the MarcoPolo Revelations
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Haven’t Touched on the MarcoPolo Revelations

About the Hunter Biden laptop and all the evidence therein, documented, and with pictures none of us really want to see.  But MarcoPolousa.org has it all, and they’ve done a huge, very well done, thorough report of all the obvious criminality going on in that family.  And as a non-profit research group, they are finding…

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Misunderstandings of Law and Our God Given Rights under the Constitution

Here we have Dave Jose discussing the problems folks have had with submitting affidavits to courts, and how to do them properly to get successful action. Jovan who usually talks the whole time listens here, as should we all. These two together are trying desperately to educate the public the ways we are being cheated…

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Well Now, Beloved Former President Trump Runs Again

And while former beloved President Trump runs again, the nation is torn and divided as it’s always been before.  Some say “as it’s never been before” but that’s just old fashioned hogwash.  So is the notion we are only democrats and republicans.  The bulk of the populace isn’t either, and isn’t active in politics at…

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Free Speech is Threatened

Dialog and free speech …. When our Constitution was written, and the founding fathers were debating ratifying it into the fundamental law of the land, they discussed very weighty serious matters and opposing viewpoints using pseudonyms….. valuable because folks didn’t just go along with their neighbor, but with the idea, and that’s freedom. They did…

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Elon Takes the Blue Birdie, and Paul Gets Hammered

Amazing!  Now that Twitter has been grabbed up by Elon Musk and folks are looking for relief from the evil censors, they are trying all sorts of tricks to make it look like he’s being evil and putting out good solid employees, and there appear to be actors out front of the building with boxes,…

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Here’s Evidence from Maricopa No One Would Look At

At Least 140,000 ballots from the Maricopa audit were either fake, or created after the fact and inserted falsely.  There were 118,000 counted on December 8 and 9, after the numbers were reported and certified by both Maricopa County officials and Arizona state officials.  The 140,000 have a post-image in the machines files, but no…

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Who Were the Biden Voters??? Good Question.

Here’s a short video from Rumble discussing this.  Pay attention, folks.  I’ve been warning about ERIC, Electronic Registration Information Center, and the role it plays in providing useful lists of folks who won’t be voting….so they can be used to cheat.  Check it out.  There are a few bleeps, that I’d love to know the…