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2000 Mules is a Must See

Saw the premier on Saturday night, and although I’ve been following audit information and election integrity stuff for a long time, this was a shocker!  To see in video actual folks trafficking in ballots, and the use of geotracking to follow them to many different ballot boxes was clear evidence of election fraud.  Law enforcement needs to get on this evidence, and arrest people.



  1. I watched the premiere last Saturday night and have friends that want to see it. Can you give me a direct link for me to pass on to interested friends ( a step by step approach)?

  2. https://dinesh.locals.com/ That is a good link to access the film. It is not free. As you know, making films is a very expensive process, and Truethevote had extraordinary expenses to purchase all the gps data. I’m sure you can find other copies out there, if you search. But I won’t link anyone to a bootleg copy.

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