Daily Archives: April 6, 2020

Face Masks

Today, I’m hoping to make a face mask or two, to see how it goes.  I have an abundance of fabric I can use, and very little elastic, so I’m hoping to design a mask that will loop over the ear without needing elastic.

I realize the order to wear these is not mandatory and while I have some coming by delivery by tomorrow, my homemade ones will probably be more comfortable and perhaps even fashionable.  I have an abundance of fabric.  Did I already say that?  Some flowers, some stripes, who know what’s in that trunk!


Updating is not an option…it killed my other site completely.

I have had to restore many times, and lost most of my posts because I had changed hosting companies, and my backups were too old to use, as the site had been updated too many times.

This new update, to 5.4 killed everything there.  The only thing I could redo was an old story I’d written about an incident in my past I wanted to remember.  Or shall I say, I hoped others would remember.  Dare I?

Now, prompted to update this site, the answer is just NO.