Have to do it for folks who want to follow!

Apparently there’s a new way to follow Q that Facebook disallows anyone to share.  I’ve tried to use messenger to send the link to a friend.  No dice.  It would not send.  I tried to do it in a response to a comment….again, no dice.  They refuse to allow any posting of it any way at all.

That’s really curious.  I mean, what could Q possibly have that threatens Facebook and democrats so much!  I’m endlessly curious, and want to know!  I just wish Q weren’t so enigmatic, and unclear!  Hmmm.. ….

So you can find them here.


Great Song, Stand by Joe Kane

Yesterday, over on Facebook, I followed a thread expressing great concern and angst over the things going on in our country.  Primarily, it was the fear of losing the liberties we have to this growing leftist parade of groups that all want socialism/communism and have no understanding of what we all could lose.

Deep in the thread, I found a YouTube song I must share, because it moved me to tears.  It’s an original song by Joe Kane.  Make sure you have tissue handy, if you are old enough to value this nation!