Well, Pres. Biden had his first press conference….

Every question was known in advance.

Every Journalist (?) who asked a question was listed on the cheat sheet, along with a picture, so there could be no screw up.

The cheat sheet with pictures is clearly shown in some online videos I’ve seen over at telegram, my favorite hangout these days.

The answer to every question was written down so he could read them verbatim.

So, who is running the country?  The question on most peoples minds these days is “WHO IS RUNNING THE COUNTRY?”

George would like to know!

Controversial? Maybe…maybe not.


You live in a nation that prides itself on being “home of the free and the brave” that has a becameral legislature, House and Senate, that is elected by the people to represent their best interests, and they don’t?


You have rights spelled out in the Bill of Rights to assemble and approach those representatives you elected, who work for you, and when you show up in large numbers, they hide behind police who aim guns at you, and refuse to see you?


YOU, the constituency that put these people in office, are slandered, labeled with every derrogatory term imaginable, and hundreds are prosecuted by federal law enforcement while other protestors around the country get set free, and not charged with anything, and media broadcasts for months how evil you deplorables are!  Calling it an armed insurrection, claiming law enforcement was attacked and killed, and you belong to some evil cult, and are ignorant.


Suppose a few of those representatives of the people actually weren’t cowards!  Suppose they opened the doors instead of waiting for glass to be broken, and approached their constituency, greeting them like the people they supposedly represent.

Do you honestly believe those voters would hurt the people they put in place of trust to represent them?  Do you honestly believe that when we now know none of the 300 or more who were arrested were armed?  That the only person who was shot was shot by police, not the other way around?

It’s a huge jump to assume that those in Congress need to be protected from THE PEOPLE WHO VOTED FOR THEM IN THE FIRST PLACE!

They had a job to do that day!  The voters wanted them to do the job correctly.  Examine the challenges to the electoral college votes, and debate openly, so the people would have faith in the election.  All they would have needed to do would be reassure the crowd they were following the process, and everything was going to be aboveboard and fair.

Of that crowd in the multitude of videos I’ve seen, who do you think meant harm to any of the elected representatives doing the people work?  Several were seen in video stopping some from breaking glass, and largely, the crowd was NOT intent upon violence.

I don’t think I’m imagining this.  I’m enraged that the people in Congress who see themselves as somehow our LEADERS, are so wimpy and cowardly they cannot and won’t face their own constituents.  They aren’t a separate class!  They aren’t our RULERS! They take direction from “we the people” or they are crooks who KNOW they are working AGAINST our better interested, and feel they need fencing and military to protect them from people they KNOW they are cheating, and ripping off!

I’m thinking there are only a small handful up there that actually represent the people, and are working in their best interest.  The rest are screwing us over.

I didn’t think that way until the January 6 disgraceful behavior by what looks to me like a Congress with a guilty conscience.

And, cui bono, the upshot of the entire day was all the debate of the challenges ended, the illegitmate election was certified by cowards, and the people lost!

The corrupt power hungry, cowardly Congress, hiding behind the police guns, spent months blaming someone else entirely, pointing fingers everywhere but at themselves, and continue to sit in arrogant hubris thinking of ways to make certain that crowd doesn’t ever come actually armed.  And their hysteria being spread by media they think justifies having the national guard and all that fencing to protect them.  From the very people they swore an oath to work for….  Think about it.



So, Arizona has decided to punt….

As our intrepid freedom fighters, those boldly pursuing election integrity get yet another slap in the face, our chances of ever having faith in our elections are rapidly fading.

To memorialize them, this is a short list of those best known, while other fighters languish in the background unnoticed by social media, or fake media, either one.  But there are many.

Lin Wood, being pursued and vilified by Georgia bar association and others for daring to reveal truthful whistleblower evidence.

Sidney Powell, once again, denied by the Supreme Court with her two mandamus appeals, although there are still several other cases being pursued.  And being sued by Dominion.

Mike Lindell of MyPillow has had at least 20 retailers cancel his product sales, and Dominion also has sued him for billions all for revealing evidence that the election was not right.

Patrick Byrne, former CEO of Overstock, cancelled by Twitter, just yesterday, because he is a proponent of fair and transparent elections.

Jovan Hutton Pulitzer, inventor who holds the patent on a system of election ballot auditing that would guarantee a 100% transparent audit of questionable election results has just been turned down for the job of auditing the Maricopa County Arizona election 2.1 million ballots because they claim he’s biased.  Well, aren’t we all?

Who doesn’t want fair and transparent elections?  Why do elections if they are just faked, and the only people who can win are preapproved by the deep state or snake oil salesmen already in the legislature?

Understand folks.  Your children will never know freedom.  President Reagan was right.

“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.”― Ronald Reagan

I urge everyone to contact the Arizona legislature and let them know how critical a 100% transparent audit of the actual ballots is, and that the whole world is watching.  After all the fake fuss made with the Board of Supervisors for access, it’s just not right to do the same kind of fake whitewash audit they did!  The judge agreed the legislature has the right and the power to do it right.  So, DO IT RIGHT!