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AZAudit in Maricopa County – slow but progressing!

Yesterday, Judge Martin decided to allow the audit to continue, although 8 democrat lawyers were there trying to stop it.  There is still an issue of proprietary issues that are kept private for real reasons that the Cyber Ninja’s are going to appeal, giving them some more time to deal with that issue.  But Ken Bennett, former head of the State Senate and former Secretary of State is the Senate liaison and gives good press conferences daily.

His estimate is they are doing about 100,000 per day in the actual recount, and I think they need to speed up.  I don’t think they have enough volunteers to keep all the tables going all the time.  A few more shifts might make it possible to finish on time.

I have it on good authority that the forensics on the machines have already been completed, although analysis of those results will take some time, and the information will be in the final report.

The ballots are also being scrutinized in accord with the system Jovan Hutton Pulitzer created, and fraudulent ballots can be identified, which is good since reports of a plane with ballots came in Nov. 4 to Arizona.  The type of paper will identify these, if they are truly there.

Really, Democrats should be quite happy with procedures, and now that media is allowed in up in the bleachers security for those volunteers could be jeopardized.  I’ve already read that one young so-called journalist has posted auto tag numbers of volunteers, making doxing and harassments a possibility.

I applaud the efforts and the perserverence of all those partaking in this endeavor, and pray God to watch over them and the truth be revealed, for at least this tiny part of the 2020 election.  Regardless of findings.  Truth is the issue.

Anyone can and is watching signing on to watch separate cameras at Telegram chats and reporting things that don’t look right.  People from all over the world watching  Over 500 watching Camera 5 along with me.  Our National Security is tantamount.

Frustrating to Watch…the Audit

So far, with nine cameras going, fuzzy a lot, nothing seems to be happening.  None of the pallets of ballots have been opened yet, and it appears like some of the machines or parts of them are being looked at but I’m not sure of that, because the video gets fuzzy.

So, instead of that, I’ll get this Professor Clements from TheProfessorsRecord Rumble video up so you can hear what Joe Oltman has to say about Dominion and their guy, Eric Coomer.  Wow.  I watched this last night on my TV.  If you can get internet on your TV, you can watch rumble and bitchute, and all on there.  Everyone involved in this election integrity obsession has been doxed, and threatened, and have to have security.  It’s insane.

The Professors audience is growing.

The Maricopa County Audit Begins Today

The ballots have been moved in trucks, videoed the entire way from a helicopter to preserve chain of evidence.  How nice!  We can all watch the audit as it is going on at  Right now on camera 7 and 8 the ballots are being unloaded from the trucks.  This audit will either confirm that Biden and everyone else on the ballot who was declared a winner actually did win, or it will demonstrate fraud.

With Maricopa County Audit Upcoming….

There are many issues that need to be addressed.  The upcoming Maricopa County Audit begins April 22, and security measures need to be put in place for the audit site, the movement of ballots and machines, and the people who have volunteered their time to do the work, as well as the observers who have volunteered their time to oversee this very important event.

The purpose of this audit is to verify the November 3, 2020 election results, to make certain that no fraudulent ballots were counted, and no electronic theft could have occurred.  Knowledgeable folk with close connections to the Senate decision to do this, have concerns.

The bags of shredded ballots found in the dumpster outside the warehouse that holds the election ballots, machines, and electronic equipment was a serious concern, and they are being withheld from scrutiny by a person who feels she is doing her patriotic duty.

Movement of the equipment and ballots from one place to another could very well jeopardize chain of custody, and make it possible for those opposed to sue on that issue alone.

Prominent leftist legal experts, markedly Marc Elias of Clinton connection fame, and his team are there ready to challenge anything.  And while it was a good thing to call for this audit, the Arizona Senate has left lots to be desired.  Questionable ballots can be destroyed by law on May 3, meaning the ballots most of interest won’t be available for any length of time.  The Senate failed to get clarity from the judge in his decision about that issue.

Jovan Hutton Pulitzer and his team will be actively recounting and scrutinizing the paper ballots for authenticity, and making sure they accord with the machine counts that have been claimed.

Prominent computer hacking type experts will be checking the hardware and connections for any history of changes, or inappropriate connections and data movement that should not have occurred.

The whole world is watching Maricopa County now.  Let’s see the people doing this vital job, critical to our national security, are protected while there, and coming and going.

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