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Audit Revelations Already!

So, by virtue of it actually even happening, the Maricopa County election audit has opened up quite a can of worms, and it would seem Maricopa County election officials and Board of Supervisors is under the gun to demonstrate that they had nothing whatever to do with the dirty deeds!  Yes, dirty deeds!

The Senate subpoena included the requirement that all election equipment and ballots be turned over for the forensic audit.  Yet the administrative access password to the election machines was missing.  Wow.  And not only was it missing, it has been revealed election officials never had it.  Get that?  Never had it!  So, the entire election was controlled by Dominion personnel, and the election officials were working under them, not over them.  How’s that for a revelation?

Oh, and that’s not all.  They never turned over the routers.  Phony stories about why have come from, of all places, the Sheriff’s office, and Katie Hobbs, the Secretary of State, who ultimately is on the hook being in charge of the election for the entire state!

Oh, and that’s not even all!  Records show that files, indeed whole directories were deleted from the machines records a good ten days before the equipment was turned over to the Senate.  Duh.  So, those phony audits Maricopa County Board of Supervisors claim they held, with the auditors of their choosing were actually opportunities to hide records, or delete important files.  How about them apples, as an old family member used to say!  Heck, not even done, yet!

There were also unsealed ballot boxes, with incomplete numbers of ballots in them.  The seals were in the bottom of the boxes.  How crafty is that!  Did they really think they could get away with this?  Obviously not, because they sent the big guns from DC lawfare groups to try to get the judge to stop the audit!

Frankly, I was surprised when I heard he didn’t.

And, so the counting continues.  Late today, it will all be packaged up and moved so the stadium can be used for high school graduations, but hey, they will be back May 24 to continue.  They only have about 35 more pallets of ballots to count and examine.  What more can they find?

Final report on all this will not be done until after, but these drips and drips are interesting.  The BOS and election officials are invited to the Senate on next Tuesday to discuss having the routers examined where they are.  Actually, I think that’s a good plan, because they whole audit should have been done there at the MCTEC center on site.  That IS where the bags of shredded ballots were discovered in a dumpster outside by patriots.

Amazing.  I do hope laws will be changed, and serious legal ramifications faced by certain deceitful treasonous parties.  But, after watching the DOJ and FBI functioning throughout the Trump administration really aiming to defeat their boss, I wonder how much will actually occur.

It’s us they are trying to control and defeat.  It’s our liberties and freedoms they want to take.  Fight, folks.  Don’t let this get covered up.