Still Monitoring AZAudit. Not Over, Folks.

We are still monitoring cams for the AZAudit, but since the equipment, ballots, and much material has been moved to  a temporary facility, we only have one cam available to watch, and that’s the Number 1 quadcam which has four different views.  The ballots have all been wrapped in plastic, and loaded in a rational section, and the machines are right next to them.

Yesterday, fencing was installed around the ballots.  I assume for security.  There are guards, but the are not always visible from the cameras and we watchers are still somewhat part of the security.

Today, they brought in more fencing, and set up a dog run from one door to another, cutting off half the building, and secured the fencing around the machines as well as the ballots.  We are wondering what the plans are, as they were reportedly only to have this building for two weeks.  Hot in Arizona, and it doesn’t look like a cool building!

Reportedly, there is still work to be done by Ninjas to compare the blue sheets which MCBOS never turned over to the auditors.  Instead, Audit USA and John Brakey managed to secure those copies.  So, software is being written to allow incorporation of those records into the tally sheets already recorded, and checked.  Double checking, triple checking.  Over and over.

It’s becoming clear this audit actually cost far more than initially expected, even using volunteers, and while donors have been giving little bits of money for the cause all along, it seems the auditors haven’t been getting all of that money, but only parts of it.  Matthew DePerno, the Michigan lawyer doing God’s work shaking up Michigan, and digging for election irregularities up there, has decided to help out by creating yet another way for folks to get money to the auditors.

Commendable of him.  And considering he’s estimated the actual cost to be 5-8 million dollars, please, if you can afford it, give something, however small.  Cyber Ninjas obviously isn’t a rich rich corporation!  Might actually be bankrupt after this.  That’s just not right.