Auditors Suffering in Heat Plug Away Anyway

Amazingly, the Ninjas auditing the Maricopa County election are still plugging away in a barnlike setting with no air conditioning in Arizona in mid summer.  Against the elements, against time constraints in the building they currently occupy, they trudge along daily through whatever tasks come to hand.  Going over the blue sheets, (shown in picture on the right) those that had been withheld by the county, and wound up in the hands instead of Audit USA head John Brakey, and incorporating the information from them into the thousands of tally sheet they’ve already accumulated from the many counts must be very hot uncomfortable work in this heat.

I’m so proud of these intrepid patriotic hard working Americans intent on finding out the truth, one way or another, and dotting every i and crossing every t.  I’ve grown connected to each of them, watching them for months do all this repetitive mind numbing task to assure our election integrity, and now and then we watchers get an acknowledgement from one of our favorite players, Lawyer Dude.  Such a hard work.  And all the cage Ninjas moving heavy boxes of ballots around over and over to get them in just the right order, as they were received.  And Lawyer Dude was right in there, hefting boxes as well.

So long as they are there, and the cams are available to us, there is a group that is very accustomed to sharing and reporting anything we see that might be interesting.  Now, they’ve installed high speed counting machines that should be able to count all the ballots, in all the pallets, yet again.  And that was the plan, until the heat and humidity put a temporary stop to it.  Now extra coolers have been installed, extra tubes for venting, and still those counters are not being used.

While all this is ongoing, other states are getting interested in doing full forensic audits, and Pennsylvania is one.  Not happy that Biden will be visiting there to talk about election integrity right now.  Too many times, I’ve read warnings about false flag incidents to turn the publics mind against these audits.  Too often I’ve actually witnessed what I would consider to be false incidents used to turn the media and government forces against us.  I’m not a fan of Biden, but I want him kept safe.  And I have no reason to think his handlers really do.  Too convenient to blame an incident on those of us wanting to restore our country to greatness.  Gen. Flynn has warned us several times about such things.  Pray for his safety, for all our sakes.