Daily Archives: July 28, 2021

Quiet Today at AZAudit, Counting Machines are Finished

Yesterday, the counting crews finished up the machine count of the Maricopa County 2020 election ballots, done at the request of the Arizona Senate to possibly reconcile differences between the vote count the county certified, and the manual count done by Cyber Ninjas in this exhaustive, detailed, ground breaking forensic audit.  Today, the hot temporary building is quieter, and the people there are all either shuffling papers or working on computers to complete this monumental task.

Having monitored the online cameras installed for transparency and also as another check on the procedures put in place to assure accuracy, I’ll have to say every ballot has been treated with great care.  The reports in media that ballots were left unattended are bunk.  If unattended, they were locked in cages.  Legal representation was on the scene at all times when the ballots were being signed out and chain of custody has been impeccable.

The finishing tasks the computer teams and paper shufflers must do now is make certain every ballot and image is accounted for, and all paperwork tied to each box, batch, pallet is in it’s rightful place to be found if and when needed.

Besides there being security present at all times, even when everyone was gone home, the cameras monitored by the internet were running, and were being watched by folks who reported the slightest thing out of place, like a box top not properly sealed, a paper where it wasn’t supposed to be, someone’s hand on a ballot that was being photographed, so that auditors could follow up and correct any little thing.

No matter what the final report says, and I don’t expect it for some time, the truth will be in it.  Truth.  No more speculation, no more arguing.  And will hold up in a court of law.