Daily Archives: August 4, 2021

Amazing Memories of AZAudit from Cam Watchers

Here’s a video made by one of the gals who was a constant in the telegram AZ Audit Cam #4 chat area where we chatted, discussed strange things we thought might be out of place, and reported to the auditors anything that needed to be checked out or corrected.  We had fun and enjoyed the monitoring job, as volunteers.  There are now 2,157 members of the chat group, and there is a huge number of pictures, files, videos that were recorded over the time we came together there.  Gigi Knows did this which is full of memories for us.  We love all these hero’s some of whom were there through three shifts, and friendships grew and morale was great for most of the time.  Scrupulous care was taken that each ballot was tracked and signed for each time it went anywhere, for chain of custody reasons.  We had wonderful people working everyday, some slowly walking in on their walkers, and some with canes.

We always watched for a fashion of the day.  You can see some here.  Delegations of politicians came from many different states to see how this full forensic audit was being done, and it was proclaimed the “gold standard.”  Security was fabulous, and the ninjas were hard working, helpful and dedicated to finding truth.  I applaud them all.