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The Professor Found Out

Professor David Clements of New Mexico who let his business law class know that he wasn’t going to mask up, or get a shot, and they didn’t have to either, got a response for his bravery in the form of emails from his students lamenting that they have been told he won’t be their teacher for the classes.

So, Cancelled.  For refusing to knuckle under to a tyrannical regime that dictates what we must do rather than merely allowing us to decide for ourselves what goes into our bodies, and what risks to take with our health.

Once again, here’s his class video.  And, for good measure, his presentation at Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium is here somewhere as well.  Or will be.  Wonder where his talents can best be used in today’s America?  So do I.

All can also be found at TheProfessorsRecord although he’s now saying we can call him Dave.



Professor Clements At Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium

So, I guess I only had a link to it before, so here’s his presentation that spells out pretty clearly why something must be done about election integrity, and there should be audits all across the country.  This may have caused some heartburn back home at the university, because when he got home, there were complaints.  Imagine that.