Daily Archives: August 28, 2021

Lt. Col. Scheller and Professor Clements are Leaders!

Today, I’d like to give a shout out to these two for having the guts to speak up and take a stand when all around them people are hiding in wimpy fashion, afraid to speak truth or be noticed as standing in opposition to the lunacy that has overtaken this Administration, and those in power circles in Washington, DC, the military, the media, and academia.

To see how the former administration had planned to withdraw from Afghanistan, check out the Epoch Times TV interview of Kash Patel, who was in charge of that withdrawal, and also put in charge of transitioning to the new administration, right after the election.  Listen closely, because folks have lied about lots of this stuff.  His experience in past campaigns and his honesty and forthrightness convince me he’s a truth teller.

For Marine Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller, a 17-year veteran, to be so forthright in his criticism of how things have gone in Afghanistan is truly an act of courage.  He understood what the result would be, and stood on principle anyway, and voiced his righteous frustration and criticism of the ignominious behaviour of the administration in it’s withdrawal program that borders on treasonous abandonment and stupidity. I’ll applaud Lt. Col. Scheller and pray he finds peace and adequate career choices outside.

Professor Clements was no less courageous in his sticking a thumb in the eye of a totalitarian college administration that thought somehow it could dictate what each employee and student did with their own bodies.  We have not succumbed to this totalitarian crap yet, and hopefully will not.

There is a possible Trucker Strike on the horizon that is intended to bring this dictatorial crap to a sane end.  Corporate and media culpability may only bend to the force of the people refusing and sitting down and letting them stew in their totalitarian crap.

We will not comply.