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AZ Audit Current Status


Politicians screwed us over….Karen Fann, president of the Arizona Senate that started the whole thing made a sweetheart deal with the county so they could use a special master, one who is buddies with county execs, to have his own private IT people look at the routers and splunk logs and Doug and Ben only got to ask questions…..couldn’t look or print or write anything down. Last I saw, they asked questions, and nothing more on the topic has been released.

Karen, in the meantime, after turning her family owned company over to someone else, (most likely in name only) managed to get a 450,000,000 contract to maintain roads or something….and she did all that without any other Senator or anyone involved even being consulted.

Doug Logan with a wife and 12 kids they homeschool, was obviously threatened, and language was cleaned up in his “final” report to the Senate, leaving him $2 million in the hole.

And Jovan Hutton Pulitzer smeared by mainstream as a wild eyed treasure Hunter and fiction writer, has been working on the huge forensic report which is part of the audit, and has been turned over to —tada, two politicians, Karen Fann, and Brnovitch, the AG, who has the report, and evidence of corruption and election fraud, and so far has questioned one person….not arrested the three people who on video were deleting election files, etc. Jovans report is thousands of pages and demonstrates several ways the election was massively screwed. He says he will release it to the public sometime soon.

Oh, and the canvas that was done by a private citizen gets poo pooed by media as meaningless. That sums it up.

Karen Fann Announces Retirement After MCBOS Agreement

The Agreement Karen Fann and her legal representative worked out with Maricopa County Board of Supervisors was a great deal for the County.  Not so much for the people, and the auditors who put in months of work to determine why the election went so far off what was expected in November 2020.  I don’t think it’s a big secret that many, many folks who have followed this #AZAudit throughout these past months feel betrayed by here unilaterally signing onto the agreement.  It lets the county off the hook for the funding the State’s Attorney General was about to cut for their failure to provide subpoenaed data and hardware access as required by law.  It sets up a Special Master, namely Shadegg, former Congressman, who is close with the county BOS members as in charge of revealing the info that was withheld, and disallows any copying of anything.

To date, no mention from anyone is forthcoming on when this inspection will take place, who will be there, who gets the information that will be released or what format this information will take.  I’ve asked several folks and no one responds, either because they don’t know, or aren’t allowed to tell.

Of course, it’s also been revealed that Karen Fann’s family business, which she resigned from way back in April, turning it over to someone else, got a nice fat $445,000,000 State contract for road maintenance immediately after signing onto this deplorable agreement, leaving many, many people convinced she was sabotaging the effort secretly from the start, and did it only to profit from her phony act of being concerned for the voters.

I don’t know if that’s valid criticism, but it’s out there, being blasted loudly, and folks no long trust her at all.  She’s also announced she will be retiring from the Senate after her term is up, and I expect she wouldn’t be re-elected anyway.

You can follow Gail Golec over on Rumble for videos of folks who participated in the audit, and what they have to say about it.  I’m expecting more videos sometime this weekend.  She’s a busy, busy gal.