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So, Shiva Report Issued Yesterday

Dr. Shiva did a fine presentation yesterday On YouTube explaining his findings and analysis of the Maricopa County ballot images for the Arizona Senate’s audit.  

And while I applaud his obvious efforts and results, I didn’t much like the criticism of others.  Egos in all this stuff are having quite a time of it.  Credit where it’s due, but I’ll remind that these ballot images he complains of getting so late were from the machines, and NOT the ones laboriously taken from the actual paper audit, in the forensic portion of it.

Jovan Hutton Pulitzer is in charge of analysis of those high definition photos taken at the forensic tables.  His report has been turned over to the Attorney General as has Dr. Shiva’s.  His summary, according to Patrick Byrne will be released soon, and Byrne has promised a detailed review of that which he claims in no more than two pages.  From what I’ve already seen of snippets and explainer videos on Jovan’s locals page, his work is dynamite, and very detailed, with proof even of dead voters, that includes their death notices and grave sites!  The detail will be stunning.

I just wish these two were working together.  Their reports overlap.


Illegals Vote and Wipe Out Your Vote

Big, big issue for most Americans.  Illegals are being allowed to vote.  Many voted in 2020, for Federal offices.  You all know this is wrong.  The law says so.  You need to be a citizen to vote.

Here’s Jovan Hutton Pulitzer on this issue.  Pay attention.  He’s a great teacher.  This is critical information Big Tech and your corporate mainstream media are not talking about, and don’t tell you about.  Yet the audit demonstrated this is happening.

How many of those pallets of ballots contained illegal votes from non-citizens?  Listen, and find out.