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And Those Phony Certified Numbers in Maricopa?

Astonishing that the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors certified the election in 2020 on November 20, and then the State certified the election on November 30, yet they hadn’t finished counting the ballots.  Proof is in the actual ballots and date and time stamps placed on the ballots when they are counted. Oh, and Runbeck…

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Lies of LostNotStolen RINO Report

  Several posts over at JovanHuttonPulitzer.Locals.com have concentrated lately on clear refutation of the lies passed off as analysis by the group of eight GOP stalwarts, many of whom claim to be honorable.  I’ve no notion who actually wrote this piece of crap, but Jovan’s line by line refutation is worth the time and effort. …

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I Like Doug Logan’s Suggestion for Counting Ballots

In an interview, I don’t recall where, or even when, Doug Logan, former CEO of CyberNinjas that did the Maricopa County audit, had what I think is a brilliant idea for localities for counting ballots, rather than using these obviously compromised machines. Registered voters would be in a pool just like jurors are, and are…

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So, Yes, They All Know How

Breezing around the web looking for information on election fraud and how it’s done, I couldn’t miss Sidney Powell and her information posted on DefendingtheRepublic.org and there is such a rich variety of information to share.  But the one that especially caught my eye since she gave that interview yesterday, was the story about the…

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We Need to Secure the 2020 Paper Ballots NOW!

The stalling planned and pulled off the the lax and unhelpful GOP and the leftist biased media has almost achieved their goal.  The ballots that need to be forensically audited are slated for destruction September 4,2022.  That’s the 22 months prescribed by law. Now, there’s no law that says they MUST be destroyed, so we,…

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Again with the RINO Report

Oh yes, Danforth, the guy who oversaw the whitewash of the Waco “Confrontation” as it’s billed in that final report.  1993.  A memorable year.  Clinton’s first administration, and the “suiciding” of Vince Foster, too.  After setting fire to the compound and killing all those people, in court they couldn’t even produce the so-called “automatic weapons”…

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Can’t Repeat Often Enough – 2020 Election was Stolen

As I look back on the audit information that has been released, I still cannot take in how many ways this election was screwed.  Rigged.  Hacked. Downright stolen.  Evidence from Maricopa Full Forensic Audit Analysis isn’t even complete yet, and more information is still to be released.  But I still find this hard to digest….

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So Now RINOS Have Issued “LostNotStolen” Report

So, in today’s Cut the Crap, this report was mentioned and discussed, but heck, I didn’t even need Jovan Pulitzer to tell me what’s missing here.  This so called authoritative report of 79 pages examines arguments in court cases.  Check yourself at LostNotStolen.org.  So.  RINOs so desperate to deny facts.  Amazing.  They even set up…

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Forensic Audit Presentation, Fire Alarm and After Remarks

Here are two short more videos that finish up this section on the 2020 Maricopa County Full Forensic Audit Presentation in Scottsdale, Arizona June 28 with Jovan Hutton Pulitzer. Of course, it couldn’t end like a normal gathering. It seems reasonable that a meeting like this would disband with lots of interviews afterward between media…

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Question #17 Liz Harris at Scottsdale Forensic Audit Presentation

And here she is, the one and only Liz Harris, our intrepid hero if the canvass, who independently took the bull by the horns, and began a canvass that produced critical information for the voters of Arizona and helped expose the mess the election of 2020 actually turned out to be. Much credit to her…

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Question #16 Follow Up – What About Virginia?

And here’s a question many of us here in Virginia have, and I didn’t like the answer. Actually there was a nagging question in the back of my mind, because Gov. Youngkin was from ……… and that’s pretty globalist. Although he ran a nice campaign, and convinced lots of folks he was worthy. He certainly…

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Question #14 Follow Up… How Do We Stop This?

How do we stop this? How do we clean up elections and assure we are governed by the folks we choose? Well, it’s up to us, and no one is coming to rescue us from this deeply corrupted system. We have to get out there, get active on the local level, and start to become…

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Question #15 Follow Up After Forensic Reveal of Audit Results

Here’s yet another serious legislator who showed up for the results of the forensic audit analysis, instead of hiding and refusing to hear it. That shows courage, folks, and we will give Kelly Townsend credit for her appearance. She reiterates that what we need to do is activate, especially at primary time, to put forward…

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Question #13, Follow Up at Forensic Audit Reveal

Here’s another question and informative remarks from Leo Biasiucchi about excess ballots, and folks having received more ballots in the mail than should have gone to them. The voter rolls are obviously a big problem folks want to ignore. And even when ERIC sends lists for the rolls to be cleaned, they don’t remove them….

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Question #12 at Follow Up of Maricopa Audit Forensic Reveal

Here we go again, this time here’s Mark Finchem, candidate for SOS in Arizona, with his plan to use special ballot paper, and how that will help with election security. Many question whether this will actually serve a purpose, and some recommend things like using thumbprints when folks register to vote, and then having a…

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Question #11 After the Full Forensic Reveal of Maricopa Audit

Question 11 isn’t really a question. Josh Barnett just thanked Jovan for all his hard work, and he got a big round of applause. I noticed when the folks stood up, several folks who I recognized from the audit floor, the volunteers who worked so hard on it for so long. That was a terrific…

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Question #10 Follow Up after Forensic Audit Report

Again, thanks to MissVicky56 for her efforts breaking up this question and answer session following the revelations Jovan Hutton Pulitzer provided for us in Scottsdale, Arizona on June 28.  This was broadcast both at RSBN and also at America Live….   Some stunning information came out that most folks just had no clue about until that…

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Question #9 Maricopa Full Forensic Analysis Follow Up

Here’s yet another question and answer segment courtesy of MissVicky56 about the forensic investigation of Maricopa County 2020 election audit. How do we fight this? What do we do? Is there anything we can do? Well, yes, but not with violence.

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Question #8, Pay Close Attention, Full Forensic Audits Find Stuff

And Full Forensic Audits find stuff politicians don’t want found. Republicans as well. This whole process has exposed that fact and it’s true. The 2020 Election in Maricopa County was hacked, and here Jovan Hutton Pulitzer helps to describe the Perfected Hack, as he calls it. This is a very disturbing segment, and everyone should…

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Question #7 from Full Forensic Audit Results Report

Again, I know this incredible information being released, and there is more yet to come, as Jovan Hutton Pulitzer has not completed the analysis and final report yet. He’s still working on it. The 2020 Election in Maricopa County Full Forensic Audit Report won’t be complete for a while, as much work is still being…

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Question #6 from Forensic Audit Results Report Follow Up

Here’s the sixth question and answer following the Full Forensic Audit of Maricopa County 2020 Election report delivered by Jovan Hutton Pulitzer in late June. More information will be coming out soon, and this isn’t over, by a long shot. Again, thanks, MissVicky56 for the extensive time consuming work of cutting this long long video…

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Question #5 On Full Forensic Audit Results

Here’s the fifth question asked after the report on the results of the Full Forensic Audit in Maricopa County 2020 and it’s a very important one for us all to understand and know about. The ERIC system. Ugh. Put in place during Obama’s years. Unbelievable how much of our data they get from our states….

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Follow Up Question #4 after Forensic Analysis is Revealed

Here we are at the fourth question after the public hearing where the Maricopa County 2020 Full Forensic Audit results were partially revealed.  I say partially, because Jovan Hutton Pulitzer, the subcontractor who had the job of doing the PKAD analysis of the paper ballots say himself the report is not yet complete.  More will…

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And Follow Up Question #3 at the 2020 Full Forensic Audit Release

So, here’s yet another short video from the Question and Answer follow up after Jovan Hutton Pulitzer delivered his presentation on the 2020 Full Forensic Audit of Maricopa County that occurred June 28, 2022 at a hotel with lots of lawmakers and the public and media.  Interesting the whole thing came to a forced end…

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So, For Question No 2 After the Forensic Audit Report Release

With Jovan Hutton Pulitzer, here’s the second question he was asked, and his answer.  This question deals with over mailing of ballots.  You need to understand no info from Runbeck, the official ballot printer was turned over to the auditors, and this describes how they played a role in the election steal.  Also, the USPS…

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Forensic PKAD Audit of 2020 Election in Maricopa – snippet from results

The earlier post on the Full Forensic PKAD Audit Results have been posted here, but the beginning, the presentation, and the after period that was set aside for questions and answers all need to be reported on.  Earlier posts have broken up the presentation into separate segments, and what’s left untold is the segments of…

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Mail Cover and Ballot Rotation Were Suspended in 2020

Understand folks, lots of things had to be put into play for the 2020 election steal.  Many of these things have been revealed as a result of the 2020 Maricopa County Election Full Forensic Audit.  The final report is being worked on, and while Part I was delivered at the recent gathering of people and…

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There’s an Expanded Video Describing Ballot Cracking

This is a technique used, I fear, not just in Maricopa County, but all over the country, especially where mail in ballots are used. Seems easy enough to do, and clearly, the voter rolls have been manipulated for decades as a prelude to the hack. This would seem to implicate folks at the USPS, the…