Merry Christmas, All!

I have no idea how the judge will rule on the Kari Lake/Katie Hobbs hearing, but it seemed to me the Kari Lake’s attorneys did a good job, and their witnesses were compelling.  Watching the witnesses for the defense was a joke, as Richer obviously lied about his PAC, which most of us knew about,…

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Much Going On, and it’s not good

In Arizona, with election lawsuits before the courts, after a clearly botched 2022 election, and many of the same issues as found in 2020 rearing their ugly heads again, hearings in courts are compelling, and of great interest.  Voters want their votes to count, and their choices, their true choices, to be in those seats….

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Star Spangled Banner by Madison Rising…my new favorite song!

Who knew I’d like a rock version of the National Anthem?  Who knew the Star Spangled Banner could be sung with such soul, and feeling!  Oh, and the instrumental part is moving, and terrific.  Dave Bray did the arrangement and writing, and they broke up, but he’s still around, and still making great patriotic music…