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Gail Golec John Thayer Interview – Dynamite!

This is further on the report from Jaqueline Breger yesterday, and there’s a ton of stuff here.  Stunning stuff!  Also, we now have access to the documentation from Jovan Pulitzer, here. This stuff is stunning! You can get the docs yourself, because it’s huge, and took forever for me to download. “#BREAKING Get the entire…

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Hot Happenings in Arizona!

Yesterday, there was a public hearing, and information was made public that should stir lots of folks in Arizona to do something more than just talk.  Something tells me several at this hearing were not expecting these facts to come to light.  Very interesting.  Not just interesting!  This is DYNAMITE!  Hope these people have security!

Hell in a HandBasket

Hell in a HandBasket

The country is falling apart.  The balloon fiasco is evidence, but, hey.  The claim from an anonymous source that balloons from China crossed the country during Trump’s term has been shot down by named intelligence folks and no matter how much media grumbles and claims Trump was kept in the dark, it just doesn’t wash….