Haven’t Touched on J6, But it Was Caused By 2020 Election

Apparently I saved this as a draft and never posted it way back last year.  Huh.  It was even worse than I thought.  Not only did they do all they could to smear Trump, they have hidden and destroyed tons of evidence they collected.  Including exculpatory evidence.  Evidence that makes obvious just how ridiculous and…

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And Fascinating Interview with Vivek Ramaswamy

Again Tucker Carlson steals the thunder of any other news types around with this interview of Republican candidate, Vivek Ramaswamy. Definitely worth a listen. Having already watched this, I’d have to say, I do not disagree with a single point he’s made here. I’ll have to admit, if Trump is not on the ticket in…

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Here’s yet another presidential candidate…RFK, Jr.

And Tucker Carlson is on the case, interviewing some of the best and most interesting people in the news today. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., is not your usual Republican candidate. No. He’s an old fashioned Democrat running against the current regime. As a positive influence, he could do a lot of good for the country….

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Capitol Police Chief Sund is interviewed by Tucker

Holy crap!  You cannot listen to this guys testimony without understanding this whole thing was manufactured with the aid of the military and congressional leaders and the intelligence agencies.  They sandbagged the one guy responsible for security at the Capitol and tied his hands as far as doing his job on that day.  It could…