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And COVID Controversy Continues

Is the medical profession in danger from COVID?  Well, certainly their veracity is.  We keep seeing reporting on this and that and the danger of newer strains, the newest vaccines available, and how old uncle Joe has extended the COVID emergency for another three months.  Hmmm.  Conveniently going through the mid-term election month and in the minds of many, yet another chance to prevent many real humans from voting in those dastardly MAGA lunatics!

But we keep seeing threads on twitter that give facts about the trouble the medical profession is in because of all the overwrought government pushing of this and government dictates of what “protocol” must be.  Ugh.

Today,  Suneel Dhand, MD has lots to say about it, and this is just point 7!

7. The notion of true data-driven Evidence Based Medicine is a joke. Groupthink is the modus operandi of the medical profession—if research doesn’t fit the narrative, it will rarely be published (even though equally low quality evidence will be promoted when it fits narrative) 
Oh, and then on to Joseph Lee, MD who has this, and all it’s implications.
The COVID antibody has no path into the lung. When I disocovered this, I let Dr. Fauci know. I did run it by my mentor, the Director of Ophtho at Johns Hopkins.  (I’ll let his misspelling stand!) 
And yet another long thread by a pseudonym tern that has lots to say.  He splits medical professionals up into groups, and attempts his description of what and how each group functions these days, largely in response to COVID, but in a larger picture, these attitudes may play a role in your future health.
Make careful decisions, and do your own research.
Oh, and no matter what emergency is called, get out and vote ON ELECTION DAY, in person, and use blue ballpoint pen, not markers, on your ballots, completing every choice, and leaving nothing for the cheaters to use against your ballot.  Mark nothing on the ballot except the ovals.  Other marks will slip the ballot into adjudication, which is an opportunity to cheat and diddle results.
How’s all this big government crap doing?

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