And More Impeachment….Bolton?

So, now the NYTimes says “multiple people” have read John Bolton’s draft manuscript of his new book, in which they claim he says the president withheld funding to get investigations of his political opponent done. I’ve read that article. Anonymous sources. Anonymous sources.

So, OK, let’s have witnesses. Let’s have the whole panoply of witnesses! If we have Bolton, we also get the ICIG Michael whats-his-name whose transcript would never be released. Let’s have the anonymous (LOL!) whistleblower! Let’s have Lev Parnas, but then you also have to have Rudy Giuliani, and several Ukrainians who tried like crazy to get visas to come here with their evidence that the State Department denied. Oh, and while we are at it, let’s get NABU guys who began a while ago to REINVESTIGATE Burisma, because they been selling Russian gas to Ukrainians labeled EU gas, at inflated prices, enriching all sorts of corrupt folks through shell companies along the way. An investigation that began before the president said anything at all about withholding funds!

Also, how about we get a true reading of the so-called Act that the Government Accountability Office says was violated, and understand, that Act was part of a DOD budget, and it wasn’t violated at all, because of the way it is worded. Let’s all get that out there, so the disagreement between two federal agencies can be settled.

Let’s do this right! OK? Let’s call witnesses to the politicians who have been getting money from corrupt business going on in Ukraine. Yeah. Let’s do it.