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And the Political Games Play On

While the analysis of the one and only ever full forensic audit of the last election is in it’s final stages and will soon be released, the political games play on.  The people all along who obstructed, ignored, and denied anything shady occurred in Maricopa County in 2020, largely Republicans, such as the majority of the Board of Supervisors, several in the Arizona Senate, the legal staff of the Senate, the Governor, continue to play their games.  How Katie Hobbs, a Democrat, managed to get into the office of Secretary of State I cannot tell.  The current Attorney General for Arizona, Brnovitch,  is pushing a campaign for the US Senate, and when we see how he’s done with the prosecution of election fraud not only in 2020 but earlier as well, we have to assume he thinks we are all too stupid to notice.  Dave Lara and Snyder gave information to him years ago, and they did nothing with it.  Gregg Phillips of XX and Catherine Englebrecht of TruetheVote.org also gave information to Brnovitch some time ago, and recently, at a public hearing, he denied it.  But there were witnesses, and others know it was not true.

There’s a list I saw recently on ballotpedia.com of possible presidential candidates for 2024 and lo and behold, Gov. Ducey is on that list.  Now, I have to say, he’s not stopped the incursion at the border, which would be his job, and he clearly certified the 2020 election before counting of ballots was even complete.  Not what I’d call a viable candidate for anything but retirement and obscurity.  But then, what do I know.

I know more about the reports about the forensics of that audit because I’ve read them, and the Attorney General has not.  The Republicans in Arizona are not just reluctant to receive and look at the reporting on the forensics, they seem to be actively hiding from them.  But there are receipts.  They have the reports.  They deny having seen them.

The democrats, on the other hand, aren’t really trying to obstruct the audits.  They are instead focused on raising a ruckus and causing enough media confusion to try to win some seats in Congress in the coming 2022 midterm election.

So, on their plate is the possible Supreme Court revisit of Roe v. Wade, and they are actively fighting a battle, being obnoxious as they can, and loud as they can over the abortion issue, even attacking homes for pregnant women.  Ummm.  And while drag queens cavort in the streets and on stages, before children, and the entire month is dedicated to gay pride, the LGBTQ?? crowd is celebrating being offensive and in-your-face.  I’m reminded of the Seven Deadly Sins….isn’t pride the first?

And ad in a few shootings, with newly defined terms to confuse folks to they think we all need to be disarmed, they’ve actually gotten a bill passed in the US House.

And the kangaroo court circus the US House is putting on TV now, to diligently work to make sure Trump isn’t ever elected again, they work to make the very phony claim he caused the “insurrection” which wasn’t.  How many times do you have to see his speech to know he said “peacefully” and never said anything that would direct or cause people to get violent.

Indeed it was outside agitators, possibly in conjunction with government agencies, and we can see it all on videos most folks already saw.  Ray Epps appears to be deliberately calling for incursion into the Capitol Building and followed up his own calls leading others there before Trump’s speech was even finished.    

The number of people charged whose lives have been ruined for entering the “peoples house” which is normally open to the public is outrageous, and a different post will share more info about those folks.

But, the obstructers of audits, and election investigations are largely Republicans.  The Democrats are busy pushing their sickening agenda of turning us all into silent, obedient little puppets of the SJW crowd.  Little do they understand once liberty is gone, they will be the first to be dealt with harshly.

Oh, and to see what your representatives, the ones you voted for (or did you), are doing TO US today, and any day, check out TheyWork4Us.  Great resource.  Watch them.  It’s our duty.



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