Arguments About Trump

Today, over on X, formerly twitter, I saw at least two pundits espousing the opinion that while Trump claimed to take down the deep state, what he did was enhance it, make it more powerful.

Holy cow, if that is considered superior rational thought today, hey, I lived through the same history, and what really occurred this.  Trump EXPOSED the deep state, EXPOSED actors who had traditionally supported the deep state, and EXPOSED how evil our bureaucracy, in place to uphold liberty and righteousness, has become!  From being trusted and looked up to by the people, the very agencies in place to uphold justice have been exposed as agents of evil, deliberately perpetrating fraud and oppression, censoring media to hide their own evil actions, and doing whatever they can to stay in power over us.

We must pray this ends soon.  We must not allow this to happen to our country, our future, our children and theirs.  For liberty to survive, massive effort is required of this generation to take back power, and eliminate the sickness the power elite so cling to, and hide.

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