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Audit Efforts in Arizona Not Done

All these pallets are yet to be counted, by machine, to compare the audit numbers to the county’s numbers for the results of the November 3, 2020 election.  Much is on the line with this audit, and people are now sitting up and paying attention.  Due to the July 15, 2021 hearing held by the Arizona Senate, and Karen Fann, some information has been made clear to people who are interested, and clearly there is a lot of information that has been withheld.

Ben Cotton was his usual impressive presence, and his revelations, while incomplete, were startling.  Evidence exists that the election center has been compromised on more than one occasion.  Can’t imagine anyone not taking his word for it, considering his reputation.

Doug Logan was clear that much still needs to be done, and spelled out a few problems that the Ninjas have found, for which there is no explanation, because the county will not cooperate even by answering simple questions where anomalies have shown up.

The Senate has provided counting machines, and the auditors will now proceed to count every single ballot, the paper.  The votes have already been recorded.  But the numbers do not coincide so another physical count of the actual ballots will back up the auditors figures.  This is not done.