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Analysis of the Pallet, Box Chronology of the Maricopa Audit

Now here’s a short video of the analysis of how the pallets, boxes, and batches inside were found, to indicate clearly why some of these findings are so stunning.  One would think there would be some rhyme and reason to how the ballots were assembled, sorted, and kept.  But there was none, and the way…

Jovan Hutton Pulitzer Bio for those who just don’t like him!

I realize, and have been told often, by many, that folks just don’t like Jovan H. Pulitzer because, whatever!  They don’t like his personality.  They don’t think he’s legit.  They don’t think he is qualified.  They think he’s just a grifter.  They’ve been lied to by media so often, they just can’t like the guy….

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Continuing with the Breakdown of the New Gun Control Law Senate Pushed Thru Overnight

The Sneaky Senate that added a lot more than just gun control crap to a simple bill offered to rename two federal buildings have pushed this crap out there without having read it, and God alone knows who did write it.  I can make a guess it was bureaucrats.  Astonishing how much control they want…

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The AZAudit Forensic Report No.1, Because There is More

This is the full presentation the visitors and attendees saw on June 28 in Arizona about the Forensic Results of the Maricopa County 2020 Election Audit.  Jovan Hutton Pulitzer has the contract to do this work.  Whether you like him personally or not makes no difference.  The data, the evidence exists, and he is delivering…

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Sneaky Way Congress Passes Awful Laws

Entirely too many people place blind trust in the folks they elect to Congress, and indeed, to their state legislatures as well.  Theywork4us.info is a good reminder that we are supposed to be their bosses, and they work for us.  Yet it seems more and more, they work for advocacy groups, NGO’s, foreign interests, themselves,…

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Short Video of Q&A at Full Forensic Presentation

Seems that it was after this little tidbit that the kitchen fire occurred.  Interesting.  I know there’s more coming out from Jovan H. Pulitzer regarding the full forensic investigation of the Maricopa County 2020 audit, and we will be sharing Part 2 right here.  After he’s rested for a bit, and gotten back home from…

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Full Forensic PKAD Paper Analysis Report, Maricopa County 2020 Audit

RSBN had the broadcast last night of the full forensic PKAD paper analysis report, delivered by Jovan Hutton Pulitzer, of the Maricopa County 2020 audit.  The presentation was live, and in the end, interrupted by a fire alarm apparently from the kitchen area of the hotel.  While several politicians were in attendance, those in the…

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Doug Logan and Jovan Hutton Pulitzer Discus the Audit

This was a rerun and actually originally broadcast in November 2021. It demonstrates the personality and character of these two hero’s who have been so defamed, attacked, and suffered financial difficulties over the phony 2020 election. Jovan was even poisoned and his life endangered. But well worth a watch, as they describe just how messed…

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Final Maricopa County Full Forensic Audit Report June 27, 6PM Phoenix Time

The final report that includes the paper analysis done using Jovan Hutton Pulitzer’s PKAD system and reveals all the techniques used by those who rigged the 2020 election is scheduled for June 27, 2022, at 6 PM Phoenix time, or 7 PM east coast time.  After a report on the findings, questions will be taken….

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Nick Moseder on Who Some NGO’s Running Ballot Mules Are

Nick does a huge amount of research, and works very hard on this election integrity issue. I give him credit for waking lots of folks up. I get that Alinsky’s IAF is likely using local churches to run mules and do other things as well that are not in the best interests of the country,…

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Waiting for Full Forensic Audit Report, June 27, 6PM West Coast Time

I could spend time posting just all sorts of stuff, because there’s so much trash going on to report and comment on, but instead, I think I’ll just wait for that final report to come out that will show just how many deceitful ways that elections have been stolen across this entire nation for decades. …

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FundFreely.com Discussion

General Mike Flynn and Jovan Hutton Pulitzer together discussing how we can fund freedom in America on CutTheCrap.  How can we help restore our freedoms and continue to work on taking back our liberties that keep being trampled.  Most folks really believe in the cause of America First, on putting the rights and liberties of…

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Bobby Piton Testifies In Nov 2020

 Very complex process and explanation, and this would confuse most folks. But Bobby is not confused. You can look at the charts Jovan Hutton Pulitzer has released in his reports, and see how the Piton data affected the Maricopa County election results. This is fabulous, a difficult job well done, and while it may…

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LoneRaccoon and Polarisrecount.com Lets Recount!

A LoneRaccoon, Jeffrey Dean O’Donnell, the Lead Investigator in the Mesa Colorado election finds, is working on a project to help counties around the nation who want to recount the ballots to verify their official figures.  He’s created a simple way to check on the official count, and we can all help.  You get a…

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While J6 Committee Fantasizes….

While they sit there judge, jury and hoping to indict, although they have provided absolutely no “due process” this vile committee has gone overboard claiming former President Trump somehow is involved in an “insurrection” which can only be charged “trespass” and even that is a fake claim, because they were invited in by the police…

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And the Political Games Play On

While the analysis of the one and only ever full forensic audit of the last election is in it’s final stages and will soon be released, the political games play on.  The people all along who obstructed, ignored, and denied anything shady occurred in Maricopa County in 2020, largely Republicans, such as the majority of…

Pullen Doesn’t Belong – He and Others Sabotaged The Audit
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Pullen Doesn’t Belong – He and Others Sabotaged The Audit

Now I’ve been following this whole audit story for so long, sometimes I just get enraged at things I didn’t know about back when I was monitoring the cameras, watching the volunteers do such an incredible, huge, terrific job for the American people. I know things now, I didn’t know then. Randy Pullen should never…

And VerityVote.us Gets Even More Dirt on 2020 Election!
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And VerityVote.us Gets Even More Dirt on 2020 Election!

VerityVote.us has a fascinating report on SteelTruth on Rumble with the dirt on how the USPS screwed us all over during the 2020 election.  Well, doing the bidding of the election officials in Maricopa, or perhaps the entire state.  Well, actually it’s the election officials doing us dirt. Here we have the record of the…

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There Will be Exposure Soon

While we’ve been fighting this audit fight since late 2020, and been blocked at every turn, while the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors has stood in the way, and fought using every legal trick imaginable, and while media and swarms of lawfare types rushed to Arizona when they heard there would be an audit that…

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WHAT??? Now We Take On the Liars, Folks!

TruetheVote.org, Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips and Dinesh D’Souza have blown the lid off the election fraud in a big way, and even forced the Arizona Senate to face the facts!  Much credit, and many thanks to them for all they’ve done for us all.  The people demonstrating that they will not tolerate the lying…

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VerityVote and the USPS Information

Seems yesterday VerityVote.us released a report on the late ballots delivered by the USPS days after the cutoff time when ballots were to be accepted.  Strange that it took so long for this information to be discovered, but then, I heard somewhere that the USPS was off limits as far as the Maricopa County 2020…

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Yes, The Dead Voted And We’ve Got Proof

Several times I’ve seen folks on twitter and other places saying things about the claims made in the PKAD Forensic Report after the Maricopa County 2020 Election Audit, and I just never liked taking someone’s word for some random claim about what happened.  So, I rely on the actual report, and not mere opinion of…

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“Election Integrity” in the Now

2000 Mules will be enjoying a broader release I’ve read in as many as 400 theaters nationwide, so that all those who think they can deny what happened will be able to see it, and try to refute it’s rather obvious findings.  Smashingly well done production, and True the Vote and Dinesh D’Souza have stunned…