Been Disconnected Lately

From lots of things, but believe me, I’ve been following how things are going in my beloved republic.  I’m angry.  Upset. Worried. Confused, and confounded.

I’ve discovered Diversity=Racism against Whites, Equity=Socialism, or Poverty for all except the power players, and Inclusion=Only people of color get included in anything, and that comes way ahead of merit, or how hard someone has worked to achieve anything.  I’m disgusted.  All the crap was illegal just a few decades ago.  Yet, now, these days, college campuses, including exclusive ones like Harvard are offering special music programs only for people of color.  Whites are specifically excluded from these programs?

There’s been a three year long flood of migrants invading through our southern border, and the feds are actually financially supporting them?  And grants to NGOs using our tax dollars have supported their trip to come here, illegally????   And why?  Well, in some cities these illegals will be able to vote?  Huh?  This is a plan to destroy this nation, turning it into a divisive mess for my grandkids to have to navigate and live with while trying to find their own independent lives.

Democrats won the 2023 election because of abortion????   Have they no idea that there are constant wars, all our money is going to Ukraine and Israel, and the UN and WEF are sucking us dry on purpose???  We need to get the US out of the UN and the UN out of the US, but I know I’m preaching to the choir here, and no one listens to me anyway.  And, just heard that EU wants to actually go with a eID system, and from there to CBDC.  So, hold your hats and hang on to any ammunition you may have around, because things are going to be messy very soon.

If there is a 2024 election, it won’t be Biden – Trump.  Biden will be replaced by another controllable stooge, and they are working hard to eliminate Trump.  However, unless he willingly decides not to pursue the presidency, he will get my vote.  Sanity may prevail, and these lawfare jerks might just be taught a lesson, yet.  But I’m not counting on that.  I don’t want it, no one does, but I suspect the democrats and their willing shills the RINOS and Never Trumpers will even push for involving us much more deeply in war as a way to deflect from the 2024 election, and to bleed us taxpayers dry, pocketing as much plunder as they can before running for the hills.

If it sounds like I’m even more cynical than my usually cynical self, maybe there’s a certain hopelessness there, too.  If God is going to save us, now is the time.  But it really will take a lot of effort on the part of patriotic freedom loving Americans, too.  God be with us. 

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