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Chronology of Packing Pallets,Boxes,Batches,Ballots – Maricopa County Audit 2020

When Maricopa County officials decided at long last after stalling for months that the ballots were ready to turn over for the audit, they tried to trick them so the auditors could be accused of chain of custody violations.  But of the boxes of ballots turned over, only 52 were properly sealed with security tape.  You know, the ones they fixed all pretty for an eventual audit, thinking they would get to choose.  Chain of custody was not violated by the auditors, but by the officials messing with the boxes for months in preparation for turning over enough ballots to match the official cast vote record.  You know, that’s the one the machines create.

They never counted on anyone actually getting to see the actual whole bunch of ballots cast in that 2020 election.  NOOOO!  They thought they’d only need that 52 boxes to show that the machines corresponded with the ballots they had all prepared.  What we have here, as an example only, is the break down of Pallet #29, and all the boxes, broken down to 9 boxes per picture, and inside each, the listed batches in each box, labeled as to the type of ballot, EV is Early Vote, ED, Election Day, etc., and the number of the batch, along with the date when that batch was processed through the tabulation machine.

Interestingly, the way batches were placed in boxes defies any type of logic, and sense of flow.  Not only are they random, chaotic, and in utter dissarray, all of the boxes were unsealed, many showing evidence of having been opened.  These boxes on this pallet were all processed through the four C machines, on November 5 and November 6.  Each of the 45 pallets are broken down with a great degree of detail in these fantastic PKAD Ballot, Batch, Data Visualization Charts provided by Jovan Hutton Pulitzer as yet another of his data visualization presentations that show just how badly Maricopa County election officials tried to hide the fact that the election was totally predetermined, stolen, and set up to match ballots to the machine count, after it was determined they could not get away with a simple machine risk limiting audit they though would satisfy.  To this day, 97,000 ballots are missing, and were never turned over.

CyberNinjas did a fantastic job of seeing to it all of the ballots were photographed in high definition, and turned all that over to Jovan for the forensic PKAD analysis and investigation.

In turn, all these reports and visualizations have been turned over the Attorney General Brnovitch and his staff for prosecution of what could be as many as 15 different felony violations.  More reporting will be forthcoming, and greater explanation of what we are seeing as well.  The audit team of CyberNinjas, CyFir, and Jovan Hutton Pulitzer have done the only full forensic audit of any election ever!  They’ve been punished for the effort.  Yet the American people will forever be indebted to them for their patriotism and their tremendous job.

Now, hold the politicians accountable.  Prosecute the guilty.  #Sequesterthe2020PaperBallots  #ProsecuteElectionFraud

PS:  Link to the download for this report.


Guy Does a Good Thing, Gets Cancelled for It

After the November 3, 2020 election, millions were concerned about how the election was conducted, and calls for investigations and audits were shared everywhere.  A guy who believes in doing the right thing, Doug Logan owner of Cyber Ninjas, volunteered, and was hired by the Arizona Senate, the state legislative body, to do an audit of Maricopa County’s election.

Now, he’s credentialed, professional, family man with 12 kids and a wife who is homeschooling them, and a small business with 8 employees.  Not a radical, not even particularly biased, but he understood something was wrong with that election, and was willing to take a paltry $150,000 from the Arizona Senate to do an audit.

As a result of standing up for American values, and old fashioned “trust but verify” ideas of good governance, he’s effectively CANCELLED.  The courts are attacking him for refusing to turn over private communications, his company has been closed down, a new company he started couldn’t get insurance, the Arizona Senate has not paid him, and his lawyer is trying to quit, but the courts won’t let him.

Imagine, if you will, you are witnessing this happen to your family, and you are a kid.  Neither political party stands by you, and they both are highly critical.  Media has ripped your name and reputation and destroyed your business, and corporate entities refuse to do business with you.  If you are a kid in this family, what do you think?  God is in charge, but kids don’t understand that at all.  Here’s a guy who did the right thing.  He did a great respectable and honest job of it.  Yet society has destroyed his business, his reputation, and continues to do so.

Where is justice?  What will these children take into their adulthood …..

And all we can really do is pray?  Is that really all we can do?

Audit Report Coming Soon, Competitors Rip It Without Doing an Audit


Seems a group called Clear Ballot tried to get the contract from the Arizona Senate to do the badly needed audit of the 2020 election.  Their price was in excess of $400,000 according to media reports, and keeping the taxpayer in mind, Senate President Karen Fann instead chose Cyber Ninjas at $150,000.

Interesting that they should issue their report before the Cyber Ninjas issued theirs.  Made it public, too.  They call their hastily put together group website and claim to be fighting disinformation with facts.

Pity the facts they claim come from the very machines that caused the problems in the first place.  I don’t care how many audits they claim to have done, they didn’t open up the boxes and count all the ballots, or look for signs of fakery or deceit.

I have to wonder why Republicans in Arizona are attacking so viciously a procedure that was open to the voters of Maricopa County to participate in and watch from their own homes.

The argument that outside groups contributed money to the audit doesn’t besmirch the effort one bit, because those were voluntary donations, and not a burden on the taxpayer.  The argument is also one that is totally hypocritical as Zuckerberg’s CTCL contributed about $3 million to the election effort, claiming it was an extraordinary year because of COVID.  Where did that money go?  Have they accounted for it?  Who contributed to that?  Oh, we don’t get to ask these questions?

We don’t get to question the counting stopping on election night?  We don’t get to question those in seats of power, because THEY RULE US OR SOMETHING?????   Hey, they work FOR us, not the other way around.

But we volunteers checked out the ballots.  We volunteers of Maricopa County along side Cyber Ninjas, with our special orange shirted observers, and even the pinko’s from the SOS office did it, because WE CARE ABOUT ELECTION INTEGRITY.  Not some officials hurt feelings at being checked up on.  Not the SOUR GRAPES of a competitive group who didn’t get the contract!!!

YOU GUYS!  You didn’t get the contract because we wanted a FULL FORENSIC AUDIT and hand recount of ALL the ballots.

And while they lie about it, everyone knows the machines connect to the internet. Even your refrigerator does! These are the people I’ll trust, because I WATCHED THE ENTIRE PROCESS FROM DAY ONE through the months that it took, every day, for long hours sitting here far far away. Because I could.

That’s called TRANSPARENCY.

CYBER NINJAS! You are the best! And I’ll trust your report. This one we might compare to, or maybe use it for toilet paper! Oh, and Benny White, Larry Moore, Tim Halvorsen, none of you counted the ballots.
This guy did! And I’ll believe him. Our Lawyer Dude, Bryan Blehm. And the wonderful Ninjas and volunteers who did this, why, they deserve Gods blessing, and the endless appreciation of Arizonans for doing their patriotic duty to find the TRUTH.

Amazing Memories of AZAudit from Cam Watchers

Here’s a video made by one of the gals who was a constant in the telegram AZ Audit Cam #4 chat area where we chatted, discussed strange things we thought might be out of place, and reported to the auditors anything that needed to be checked out or corrected.  We had fun and enjoyed the monitoring job, as volunteers.  There are now 2,157 members of the chat group, and there is a huge number of pictures, files, videos that were recorded over the time we came together there.  Gigi Knows did this which is full of memories for us.  We love all these hero’s some of whom were there through three shifts, and friendships grew and morale was great for most of the time.  Scrupulous care was taken that each ballot was tracked and signed for each time it went anywhere, for chain of custody reasons.  We had wonderful people working everyday, some slowly walking in on their walkers, and some with canes.

We always watched for a fashion of the day.  You can see some here.  Delegations of politicians came from many different states to see how this full forensic audit was being done, and it was proclaimed the “gold standard.”  Security was fabulous, and the ninjas were hard working, helpful and dedicated to finding truth.  I applaud them all.

Auditors Suffering in Heat Plug Away Anyway

Amazingly, the Ninjas auditing the Maricopa County election are still plugging away in a barnlike setting with no air conditioning in Arizona in mid summer.  Against the elements, against time constraints in the building they currently occupy, they trudge along daily through whatever tasks come to hand.  Going over the blue sheets, (shown in picture on the right) those that had been withheld by the county, and wound up in the hands instead of Audit USA head John Brakey, and incorporating the information from them into the thousands of tally sheet they’ve already accumulated from the many counts must be very hot uncomfortable work in this heat.

I’m so proud of these intrepid patriotic hard working Americans intent on finding out the truth, one way or another, and dotting every i and crossing every t.  I’ve grown connected to each of them, watching them for months do all this repetitive mind numbing task to assure our election integrity, and now and then we watchers get an acknowledgement from one of our favorite players, Lawyer Dude.  Such a hard work.  And all the cage Ninjas moving heavy boxes of ballots around over and over to get them in just the right order, as they were received.  And Lawyer Dude was right in there, hefting boxes as well.

So long as they are there, and the cams are available to us, there is a group that is very accustomed to sharing and reporting anything we see that might be interesting.  Now, they’ve installed high speed counting machines that should be able to count all the ballots, in all the pallets, yet again.  And that was the plan, until the heat and humidity put a temporary stop to it.  Now extra coolers have been installed, extra tubes for venting, and still those counters are not being used.

While all this is ongoing, other states are getting interested in doing full forensic audits, and Pennsylvania is one.  Not happy that Biden will be visiting there to talk about election integrity right now.  Too many times, I’ve read warnings about false flag incidents to turn the publics mind against these audits.  Too often I’ve actually witnessed what I would consider to be false incidents used to turn the media and government forces against us.  I’m not a fan of Biden, but I want him kept safe.  And I have no reason to think his handlers really do.  Too convenient to blame an incident on those of us wanting to restore our country to greatness.  Gen. Flynn has warned us several times about such things.  Pray for his safety, for all our sakes.