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Who Were the Biden Voters??? Good Question.

Here’s a short video from Rumble discussing this.  Pay attention, folks.  I’ve been warning about ERIC, Electronic Registration Information Center, and the role it plays in providing useful lists of folks who won’t be voting….so they can be used to cheat.  Check it out.  There are a few bleeps, that I’d love to know the…



Electronic Registration Information Center, boy, it sounded so good, and was sold to so many states as they solution to their problem of cleaning election registration databases. Sure. They are doing such a great job, of getting information from all the official sites, social security, DMV, and registration databases, and checking for all the changes…

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Updated Version of Deep Rig Movie With Discussion

I know this movie was released some time ago, but this is an update of it, and the conversation following is critical, as it includes lots of new information most folks will not get from major media sources.  Media wants to just continue the lie that it was the “most secure election in history” which…

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Question #5 On Full Forensic Audit Results

Here’s the fifth question asked after the report on the results of the Full Forensic Audit in Maricopa County 2020 and it’s a very important one for us all to understand and know about. The ERIC system. Ugh. Put in place during Obama’s years. Unbelievable how much of our data they get from our states….

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Piton Phantom Voters Were a Real Thing

Phantom voters at a high rate were inserted into the voter rolls across the nation, but were especially obvious in Maricopa County.  The forensic analysis done covered a period of years and previous elections for comparison, and this short video demonstrates the findings.  Many of these phantom registrations get deleted immediately afterward.  Checked and reported…

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Full Forensic PKAD Paper Analysis Report, Maricopa County 2020 Audit

RSBN had the broadcast last night of the full forensic PKAD paper analysis report, delivered by Jovan Hutton Pulitzer, of the Maricopa County 2020 audit.  The presentation was live, and in the end, interrupted by a fire alarm apparently from the kitchen area of the hotel.  While several politicians were in attendance, those in the…

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ERIC – Electronic Registration Information Center, Ugh.

Do not misunderstand this organization.  ERIC is now contracted to 31 different states to help clean their registration rolls.  The monthly collect the voter registration files from 31 states.  They have access to all your private info that is in those records.  They then send to each state the info on changes, like died, moved,…