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Capitol Police Chief Sund is interviewed by Tucker

Holy crap!  You cannot listen to this guys testimony without understanding this whole thing was manufactured with the aid of the military and congressional leaders and the intelligence agencies.  They sandbagged the one guy responsible for security at the Capitol and tied his hands as far as doing his job on that day.  It could…

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Gail Golec John Thayer Interview – Dynamite!

This is further on the report from Jaqueline Breger yesterday, and there’s a ton of stuff here.  Stunning stuff!  Also, we now have access to the documentation from Jovan Pulitzer, here. This stuff is stunning! You can get the docs yourself, because it’s huge, and took forever for me to download. “#BREAKING Get the entire…

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Much Going On, and it’s not good

In Arizona, with election lawsuits before the courts, after a clearly botched 2022 election, and many of the same issues as found in 2020 rearing their ugly heads again, hearings in courts are compelling, and of great interest.  Voters want their votes to count, and their choices, their true choices, to be in those seats….

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And the Political Games Play On

While the analysis of the one and only ever full forensic audit of the last election is in it’s final stages and will soon be released, the political games play on.  The people all along who obstructed, ignored, and denied anything shady occurred in Maricopa County in 2020, largely Republicans, such as the majority of…

Pullen Doesn’t Belong – He and Others Sabotaged The Audit
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Pullen Doesn’t Belong – He and Others Sabotaged The Audit

Now I’ve been following this whole audit story for so long, sometimes I just get enraged at things I didn’t know about back when I was monitoring the cameras, watching the volunteers do such an incredible, huge, terrific job for the American people. I know things now, I didn’t know then. Randy Pullen should never…

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What Gives? Election Integrity will get you destroyed….

Hard to say this, but I’ve gotten to the point I have very low opinion of politicians these days.  Having followed and watched patriots fighting for our rights, for truth, for justice, and having watched them spend enormous amounts of money, to the point of ruin, and time to bring truth and facts to light…

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New Arizona Injunction to Stop Machine Voting

It would seem that a few Election Integrity stalwarts constantly doing battle for us since the 2020 election audits began, Kari Lake, currently running for governor of Arizona, and Mark Finchem, who is currently running for SOS, have filed an injunction to stop the use of machines for the election.  Fascinating!  Lawyers are Andrew Parker,…

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Guy Does a Good Thing, Gets Cancelled for It

After the November 3, 2020 election, millions were concerned about how the election was conducted, and calls for investigations and audits were shared everywhere.  A guy who believes in doing the right thing, Doug Logan owner of Cyber Ninjas, volunteered, and was hired by the Arizona Senate, the state legislative body, to do an audit…