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Voter Roll Manipulation in Maricopa County

This is really incredibly informative video with Patrick Byrne and a database expert who did this work reportedly for Karen Fann.  Now, this is yet another way to look at adding phantom voters and reactivating inactive folks, and then after they vote, purging them from the voter rolls.  In one of the visualizations provided by Jovan Hutton Pulitzer you can see folks reactivated just for this election who were inactive, and after voting, they are immediately purged.  Maricopa election officials who are in charge and aware of this system surely know what is going on there, and while I’m sure many do not know about it, surely someone adding duplicates and reactivating folks know what they are doing is not right, and is a violation of law. Our only hope is that Mr. Brnovitch’s team is investigating and will do something to stop this manipulation and maladministration occurring in our elections.

The  Maricopa Padded and Fake Voters Fungible Asset Report (3 Reports in 1)  reports show all this in great detail broken down by precinct so you can see how it affects local areas.  Those inserted phantom and reactivated voters are what can be determined to be fungible, spendable, used to pad the vote totals wherever needed to produce a predetermined outcome.

Chronology of Packing Pallets,Boxes,Batches,Ballots – Maricopa County Audit 2020

When Maricopa County officials decided at long last after stalling for months that the ballots were ready to turn over for the audit, they tried to trick them so the auditors could be accused of chain of custody violations.  But of the boxes of ballots turned over, only 52 were properly sealed with security tape.  You know, the ones they fixed all pretty for an eventual audit, thinking they would get to choose.  Chain of custody was not violated by the auditors, but by the officials messing with the boxes for months in preparation for turning over enough ballots to match the official cast vote record.  You know, that’s the one the machines create.

They never counted on anyone actually getting to see the actual whole bunch of ballots cast in that 2020 election.  NOOOO!  They thought they’d only need that 52 boxes to show that the machines corresponded with the ballots they had all prepared.  What we have here, as an example only, is the break down of Pallet #29, and all the boxes, broken down to 9 boxes per picture, and inside each, the listed batches in each box, labeled as to the type of ballot, EV is Early Vote, ED, Election Day, etc., and the number of the batch, along with the date when that batch was processed through the tabulation machine.

Interestingly, the way batches were placed in boxes defies any type of logic, and sense of flow.  Not only are they random, chaotic, and in utter dissarray, all of the boxes were unsealed, many showing evidence of having been opened.  These boxes on this pallet were all processed through the four C machines, on November 5 and November 6.  Each of the 45 pallets are broken down with a great degree of detail in these fantastic PKAD Ballot, Batch, Data Visualization Charts provided by Jovan Hutton Pulitzer as yet another of his data visualization presentations that show just how badly Maricopa County election officials tried to hide the fact that the election was totally predetermined, stolen, and set up to match ballots to the machine count, after it was determined they could not get away with a simple machine risk limiting audit they though would satisfy.  To this day, 97,000 ballots are missing, and were never turned over.

CyberNinjas did a fantastic job of seeing to it all of the ballots were photographed in high definition, and turned all that over to Jovan for the forensic PKAD analysis and investigation.

In turn, all these reports and visualizations have been turned over the Attorney General Brnovitch and his staff for prosecution of what could be as many as 15 different felony violations.  More reporting will be forthcoming, and greater explanation of what we are seeing as well.  The audit team of CyberNinjas, CyFir, and Jovan Hutton Pulitzer have done the only full forensic audit of any election ever!  They’ve been punished for the effort.  Yet the American people will forever be indebted to them for their patriotism and their tremendous job.

Now, hold the politicians accountable.  Prosecute the guilty.  #Sequesterthe2020PaperBallots  #ProsecuteElectionFraud

PS:  Link to the download for this report.


Links to Forensic Data Provided by JovanHuttonPulitzer FREE Downloads

Provided FREE especially for those who claim “there is no report,” or that it’s all “behind a paywall” or that these are frauds so folks will just subscribe and pay. Those are all flat out lies.  FYI, Jovan’s podcast and radio show don’t need subscriptions or pay.  They are now #33 of the million or so online.

This list is provided FREE for any of us who want, to give them away free. Hmmm. Oh, the failed treasure hunter, grifter, is trying to profit from the audit. Such a pack of lies, folks.  I’ve been in the weeds on Twitter, and I have heard them all.

Millions of data queries, tons of server space, thousands of visualizations, written reports, and all at huge expense!  But you pikers who are so worried about “grifters” want information and for people to work for free.  I get it.  Here it all is.

All has been provided to the Attorney General Brnovitch and his staff.  It’s evidence of official maladministration, and some felonies thrown into the mix as well.  All verifiable.

Was your vote counted?  Or was it cancelled by the walking dead?  Maricopa County, Arizona 2020 General Election Ballot Batch MODIFICATION Report  Maricopa County AZ Audit – Early Vote Analysis with 14th Amendment Violations and Shiva Analysis  Maricopa County, Arizona Minority Impact Civil Rights Violations Report – 3 reports in 1  Finding Election Fraud With Froude (sounds like Rude!)  KESHEL FRAUD RATING CHARTS for Maricopa County Arizona – Ranked Order  Maricopa County, Arizona Piton Phantom Rating Data Visualization By Precinct  Maricopa Padded and Fake Voters Fungible Asset Report (3 Reports in 1)  V Ratios – Data Visualization – Maricopa County Arizona Audit – Group Ratio and Trump Specific Ratio w/ Explainer Video  Arizona PEVL Understanding The Fat and Where The Vote Conversion Is Impossible

—————-Added May 15, 2022   PKAD Pallet/Batch Chronology Report

Keshel Ratings and Piton Ratings

For information purposes, I suppose folks know about these two election integrity warriors already, Capt. Seth Keshel whose predictions in the 2016 election cast him in the role of making prognostications about the 2020 one as well, and his data is pretty convincing that certain localities experienced anomalies that could only be explained by massive election and voter fraud.

Bobby Piton, currently running for office in Illinois, also has a reputation for having discovered phantom voters in separate localities all across the nation.  Phantom voters are those that have no records in any other data sources, such as DMV records, etc.

Together with the forensic data from the KinematicArtifactDetectionReport data, visualization charts been produced by Jovan Hutton Pulitzer that show Keshel Ratings and Piton Ratings for each separate precinct in Maricopa County.  This is pretty critical information, and demonstrates where anomalies that could very well indicate criminal activity.

Here’s a short video scanning through just a few of the Keshel Rating reports, by precinct and the Piton Ratings are included in the lower right.



Forensic Audit Data Visualizations

I’ve got tons of data visualizations I’ve downloaded and opened on my drive here.  These are visualizations concerning forensic analysis of the data obtained during the only full forensic audit done of the 2020 election so far.  There may be more full forensic audits, but time is running short as the ballots can be destroyed in early September of this year.  That would be a tragic loss.

These short vids I’ve prepared are just examples, and are made from scanning through the hundreds and hundreds of charts describing results of the audit.  The Keshel Ratings and the Piton Ratings are pretty telling evidence that coincides with the findings of the full forensic report, furnished to the Attorney General’s office for prosecution of obvious maladministration, and even 14th Amendment violations.  Here’s yet another example.

This shows the growth of voter registration and the percentage of those registered who voted in the last four presidential elections.  As you can see, it also includes indications of Keshel Ratings and Piton Ratings on the bottom.

In these short videos, you can slow or stop them anywhere, and advance one frame at a time, and get a detailed report on each precinct.

Here’s the 80 page detailed KinematicArtifactDetectionReport completed September 2021.  Read it.  The analysis was completed by Jovan Hutton Pulitzer, and you can contact him and see more of his work at which is where these reports and graphs came from.  His podcast and radio show, CUT THE CRAP,  can be found in many places.  The acronym stands for culture, race and politics.  A cute play on words.  But he never minces words, rest assured.