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Hot Happenings in Arizona!

Yesterday, there was a public hearing, and information was made public that should stir lots of folks in Arizona to do something more than just talk.  Something tells me several at this hearing were not expecting these facts to come to light.  Very interesting.  Not just interesting!  This is DYNAMITE!  Hope these people have security!

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Who Were the Biden Voters??? Good Question.

Here’s a short video from Rumble discussing this.  Pay attention, folks.  I’ve been warning about ERIC, Electronic Registration Information Center, and the role it plays in providing useful lists of folks who won’t be voting….so they can be used to cheat.  Check it out.  There are a few bleeps, that I’d love to know the…

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And Those Phony Certified Numbers in Maricopa?

Astonishing that the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors certified the election in 2020 on November 20, and then the State certified the election on November 30, yet they hadn’t finished counting the ballots.  Proof is in the actual ballots and date and time stamps placed on the ballots when they are counted. Oh, and Runbeck…

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So, For Question No 2 After the Forensic Audit Report Release

With Jovan Hutton Pulitzer, here’s the second question he was asked, and his answer.  This question deals with over mailing of ballots.  You need to understand no info from Runbeck, the official ballot printer was turned over to the auditors, and this describes how they played a role in the election steal.  Also, the USPS…

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Full Forensic PKAD Paper Analysis Report, Maricopa County 2020 Audit

RSBN had the broadcast last night of the full forensic PKAD paper analysis report, delivered by Jovan Hutton Pulitzer, of the Maricopa County 2020 audit.  The presentation was live, and in the end, interrupted by a fire alarm apparently from the kitchen area of the hotel.  While several politicians were in attendance, those in the…

And VerityVote.us Gets Even More Dirt on 2020 Election!
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And VerityVote.us Gets Even More Dirt on 2020 Election!

VerityVote.us has a fascinating report on SteelTruth on Rumble with the dirt on how the USPS screwed us all over during the 2020 election.  Well, doing the bidding of the election officials in Maricopa, or perhaps the entire state.  Well, actually it’s the election officials doing us dirt. Here we have the record of the…

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Latest on Arizona Audit Exposes How Big Runbeck Is

Testimony revealed long ago that while observing at the MCTEC election counting procedures, days after the Nov. 3 election, trucks kept arriving with ballots to be counted.  The ballots were coming from Runbeck Election Services, the company that prepared ballots for about 30% of the nation.  They were coming in days after the election. It’s…