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National Sovereignty is at RISK = WHO Pandemic Treaty

This is incredibly important, folks.  It’s not being mentioned anywhere in media, and therefore understand globalist corporate media is deliberately hiding this issue from our eyes and ears for a purpose.  As I understand it, signing onto this treaty will forfeit our national sovereignty to the WHO and heck, they get to control what is done about any future pandemic.  Ummmm….why on earth would Democrats want to do this?  Why do they not see and understand that it would take away our rights they have sworn to protect?

Oh, I see….most of them do not know about this!  It’s being done in the dark.  Who is talking about it?  Anyone?  Here’s Researcher James Roguski on this hot issue!

Now The Halderman Report is loose on the internet….

So, now Deepcapture has released a pdf of the much awaited Halderman Report that was released long before the election in 2020, that explains all the problems with using Dominion voting machines.  It was part of a lawsuit in Georgia August 7, 2018 in the Curling v. Raffensberger. 

Quoting Patrick Byrne here:

Dr. Alex Halderman is a Professor of Computer Science and Engineering and Director of the Center for Computer Security and Society at the University of Michigan. He is, in short, a Professor of Dolphin-Speech, with focus on hacking. Halderman is no fan of Donald Trump, and from his public statements I would surmise that his politics are normal academic Lefty, but intellectually honest normal academic Lefty. Professor Halderman becomes a key part of our story now, because Professor Halderman was commissioned to perform a professional analysis of Dominion Voting cybersecurity and cyber-integrity, or lack thereof. His 25,000 word monograph on the subject may turn out to be the MacGuffin of this pivotal moment in American history.

See and read for yourself all the expert testimony that was so scary it was sealed by the judge.

Just another reason audits should be done, full forensic audits, not just “risk limiting” audits that check only that the election officials face no risk, but audits that check everything, including downvote selections, because our country is slowly being stolen from us by such chicanery.  Gears grinding away at our sovereignty, and our liberties.  We need to stop using these machines.

New Arizona Injunction to Stop Machine Voting

It would seem that a few Election Integrity stalwarts constantly doing battle for us since the 2020 election audits began, Kari Lake, currently running for governor of Arizona, and Mark Finchem, who is currently running for SOS, have filed an injunction to stop the use of machines for the election.  Fascinating!  Lawyers are Andrew Parker, Kurt Olsen, and Alan Dershowitz!  That’s quite an army of lawyers.  Here’s a link to the filing


ERIC Stats – Show How Many Invalid Ballots Could Be Stuffed into Ballot Boxes


The state taxpayers are paying the cost of the ERIC group preparing these lists of folks who moved, died, or are ineligible to vote, yet many states don’t really use them to clean their voter rolls.  If they did, the voter rolls would be much smaller.  Instead, cheaters use these reports to complete illegal ballots and stuff them in the ballot boxes so they get counted.

In Maricopa County, it has been revealed, many from the voter rolls that were marked inactive were were REACTIVATED, voted, and then were quickly REMOVED from the voter rolls, after the 2020 election.  My, how convenient.  I don’t think this is just “maladministration.”  I think it’s ELECTION FRAUD writ large, done by folks intent on placing in office people who have no intention of working for the people.  And DOWN BALLOT is critical.  Most of those folks on the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors are already republicans.  They worked hard to deceive and hide all the fraud.

Legacy Media Keeps Saying “Most Secure Election in History”

Yet there seems to be a point in time when this story changed to their now often repeated paean to repeat over and over.  That day seems to have been Nov. 3, 2020.  You see, before that, there were many media stories claiming the opposite!

Found this all over on Telegram, which, by the way, is a fabulous source of material.


After Nov. 3, the corporate media told you it was *IMPOSSIBLE* to hack an American election.

But before Nov. 3, the corporate media told you it was *EASY* to hack an American election:

Politico: How to Hack an Election in 7 Minutes (Aug 5, 2016)

FOX: Princeton Professor demonstrates how to hack a voting machine (Sep 18, 2016)

PBS: Recounts or no, U.S. elections are still vulnerable to hacking (December 26, 2016)

CNET: Defcon hackers find it’s very easy to break voting machines (July 30, 2017)

CNN: We watched hackers break into voting machines (Aug 11, 2017)

NYT: I Hacked an Election. So Can the Russians. (April 5, 2018)

Axios: There’s more than one way to hack an election (July 3, 2018)

Bloomberg: Expensive, Glitchy Voting Machines Expose 2020 Hacking Risks (Nov 8, 2019)

NBC: ‘Online and vulnerable’: Experts find nearly three dozens U.S. voting systems connected to internet (Jan 10, 2020)

Guardian: Hack the vote: terrifying film shows how vulnerable US elections are (Mar 26, 2020)

MotherJones: Researchers Assembled over 100 Voting Machines. Hackers Broke Into Every Single One. (Sep 27, 2019)

Researchers Assembled over 100 Voting Machines. Hackers Broke Into Every Single One.

WaPo: Hackers were told to break into U.S. voting machines. They didn’t have much trouble. (Aug 12, 2019)

USA Today: Will your ballot be safe? Computer experts sound warnings on America’s voting machines (Nov 2, 2020)

Vice: Critical US Election Systems Have Been Left Exposed Online (Aug 8, 2019)

SA: The Vulnerabilities of Our Voting Machines (Nov 1, 2018)

Slate: America’s Voting Systems Are Highly Vulnerable to Hackers (Feb 22, 2018)

Salon: Hackers can easily break into voting machines used across the US (August 14, 2019)

CNN: Watch this hacker break into a voting machine (Aug 10, 2019)

PBS: An 11-year-old changed election results on a replica Florida state website in under 10 minutes (Aug 12, 2018)

NPR: Cyber Experts Warn Of Vulnerabilities Facing 2020 Election Machines (Sep 4, 2019)


Maricopa Summary in a Nutshell

A Telegram chat buddy, Mrs Crystal O, just pulled together a great summary of the mess that was the 2020 election in Maricopa County, AZ and the forensic portion of the audit findings is just stunning.  Attorney General Brnovitch has issued his interim report, and then appeared on Warroom podcast and left most folks cold with his noncommittal attitude.  Laws were broken.  Crimes committed.  And he wants to be Arizona’s senator?  Here’s Crystals summary….

Let’s see if I can get this all straight…
-Voters treated differently (14th Amendment violation)

-NO signature mail-ins were counted (Not allowed)

-Confirmed Dead voters voted (in some cases, infants that died 17-20 yrs prior were registered in 2020 and voted)

-People that cannot be found in Any Database voted (illegals/phantoms- Not allowed)
-Largest adjudication rate in history (Federal law says 0.008% allowed error rate in machine), in past we did 1/200 ballots, then 1/100 ballots, which should have made a machine be removed from service, 2020 was up to 1 in 5 ballots were adjudicated in a batch and over 97% of batches had this issue to varying degrees (1/18, 1/7 per batch of usually 200 ballots)

-Voters were activated from inactive status, voted, then REMOVED FROM THE VOTER DATABASE…– why?? they are supposed to keep record of voters who voted… yet, dead people from 20 yrs ago still on rolls?

-Election results confirmed/certified Nov 14th – yet batches were counted 2nd week of DECEMBER!?

-Single batch of 200 will have 108 precincts in it – neither in person, mail-in bunches, nor drop box returns will be naturally that many in EVERY SINGLE BATCH (ballots inserted in every batch to get the numbers they wanted – to match what they reported by machine)

-the machines have now been PROVEN to have an algorithm used – tested over 500k times and can be reproduced by any mathematician to the following:
ELECTION was 59.475% for TRUMP!
BIDEN received 41.173%

EXACTLY 38.75% of Biden’s mail in ballots are FAKE
33.85% of Trumps ELECTION DAY BALLOTS are FAKE

In order to balance out the numbers and make it look like a close call there are 34109 fake trump votes on election day, and 372863 fake votes for BIDEN in the mail!!!

Almost exactly mirrors what Liz Harris learned in the Canvass (mailed in and vote didn’t count)

91.62% of all the fake inserted votes went to Biden
(Total 406972 inserted fake votes)

Counterfeit ballots, dead voters, votes that should not have been disqualified, 14th amendment issues

Nicely done, Crystal…..   Going to tweet this, too!  Wonder what his chances are of being a senator from Arizona?


So, Shiva Report Issued Yesterday

Dr. Shiva did a fine presentation yesterday On YouTube explaining his findings and analysis of the Maricopa County ballot images for the Arizona Senate’s audit.  

And while I applaud his obvious efforts and results, I didn’t much like the criticism of others.  Egos in all this stuff are having quite a time of it.  Credit where it’s due, but I’ll remind that these ballot images he complains of getting so late were from the machines, and NOT the ones laboriously taken from the actual paper audit, in the forensic portion of it.

Jovan Hutton Pulitzer is in charge of analysis of those high definition photos taken at the forensic tables.  His report has been turned over to the Attorney General as has Dr. Shiva’s.  His summary, according to Patrick Byrne will be released soon, and Byrne has promised a detailed review of that which he claims in no more than two pages.  From what I’ve already seen of snippets and explainer videos on Jovan’s locals page, his work is dynamite, and very detailed, with proof even of dead voters, that includes their death notices and grave sites!  The detail will be stunning.

I just wish these two were working together.  Their reports overlap.


Change, Hopefully, Is Coming

As things heat up in the Covid Regime, and the March to end mandates occurred, and Sen. Johnson had his hearing called a Second Opinion, it seems that even ordinary media is beginning to loosen up and report facts, instead of government dictated information.  Today, the Wall Street Journal had this

The High Cost of Disparaging Natural Immunity to Covid

And at the same time, Alex Berensen, now on substack, is getting questions from a journalist at the WaPo because she’s doing an article about research done by The Center for Countering Digital Hate, a non-profit group that is going after misinformation being published on substack.  Imagine that.  There’s a non-profit devoted to doing fact checking on what’s published on substack, especially information about vaccine reluctance.  Astonishing.  Looking around though, I discover from that they have a list of 8,500 non-profits whose purpose is to influence public opinion and public policy.  Now This Center for Countering Digital Hate is UK based, with office in DC.  And they are pressuring substack to get folks deplatformed because they speak freely there.  Ugh.

On the election front, something in Wisconsin happened that is truly astonishing!  There’s a move to recall the electoral votes and it actually passed in the Assembly!  It passed the Assembly!  Might not go anywhere in the rest of the legislature, but this is fantastic!  Tied to this motion which passed is tons of evidence the election was shockingly corrupt.  So, so important.  For the most important information on election stuff, JovanHuttonPulitzer is on locals, and well worth the tiny amount for the deep dive into information.  Ramthun is a hero in Wisconsin!



Now Cyber Ninjas are out of business

And this is a huge huge miscarriage of justice.  Jovan explained why Doug Logan will not comply with the whacko judge, and I think that’s truly commendable.  Whether you like Jovan Hutton Pulitzer or not makes no difference to the very detailed and compelling work he’s been doing on our behalf.  The divisive accusations and finger pointing are really causing lots of people to be misled.  Jovan’s work is going to be released in the future, and will be published, in full, and will be in the Library of Congress as well as available to anyone who can get it.  He’s hiding nothing.  Those who squack that audits are a waste of time, and only canvassing should be done are creating havoc and doing harm to their stated goal of Election Integrity.

Cyber Ninjas had to be knocked out to tell others interested in audits that if you partake, you will be destroyed.  Nothing could be more true and obvious.  Ultimately, they will not win.  The liberty of the people of this great nation will prevail.  God willing.  And I am pretty sure He wills it.  This is the last bastion of liberty and freedom still on this globe.

Fire Hose of Finger Pointing and Accusations

It’s been a restful time, because we’ve been sickly.  Likely flu.  No way was I going to go hunting for testing anywhere, during this period, while sick, because really, folks.  How smart is it to go stand in line for testing for a virus?  I mean, if you have it, you will surely spread it, and if you don’t you are exposing yourself.  Duh.  So, recovering.  On our own.

While over on Telegram and Rumble, etc., the fire hose of finger pointing and accusation has gotten even worse since Kyle was acquitted.  I mean, I’m glad he was acquitted, because he was obviously innocent.  But then saying what he did on TV with Tucker blaming Lin Wood and that other lawyer.  Sheesh.  Naturally, Lin Wood provided tons of documentation and proof of his innocence.  But then, that wasn’t enough.  Why on earth that turned into finger pointing and accusations against Gen. Flynn, and Patrick Byrne, and Jovan Hutton Pulitzer, and why on earth so many people jumped on that flying circus all pointing fingers, and claiming they were scammed by the audit!


Some common sense and reason should prevail.  I’m beginning to think Lin thinks he’s the only one with God’s ear, and that he speaks for God directly.  I just wish when people are doing some “discernment” they would not take his word as God’s.  Good people are being smeared.  Enormous effort undertaken on behalf of the people is being called a scam.  Unbelievable.