Comfortable Lies

Oh, those comforting and comfortable lies!  “The most secure election in history!”  “You must get the Covid vaccine!” “Social distancing, and wearing a mask are essential to prevent infection!”  “Trump is evil and his followers are bad people!”  “Trump followers staged an INSURRECTION on January 6!”  “The INSURRECTION intended to take over the government!”  Really?

It’s astonishing to me that people have fallen for this crap for so long.  I never thought someone would wholesale turn their brains off and resist uncomfortable facts, and just swallow “comfortable lies” because it’s coming from the TV or other media sources.

If you haven’t figured out that whole Covid thing was hugely mishandled by government lies for the purpose of hiding and stealing an election to get President Trump out of the way, and haven’t noticed folks dying as a result of the vaccine that is enriching the pharmaceutical corporations and making folks sicker than they would have been otherwise, I’d have to wonder why you are so willing to be deceived.  How then can you account for the large number of whistleblowers from so many government agencies?  How can you not know about 2000 Mules, and SelectionCode films that demonstrate just how they stole the election?

IF you haven’t figured out that all during the four years President Trump stood for the American people and put this country first, and his own executive branch was out to sabotage his every effort from the start, I’d have to wonder why.

If you haven’t figured out that academia, media, big tech, the bureaucracy and the Congress and most politicians are working to deny our national sovereignty, make us small and insignificant on the world stage, and place us under some idiotic world governing body that wants to enslave us all, and enrich themselves, I have to wonder why!

These are all COMFORTABLE LIES!  Nothing more, and you are hiding from the truth.  The truth will set you free.


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