COVID-19 is Dangerous to our Liberties

As we continue in this locked down state, things are happening that are just plain alarming.

In New York, the governor let COVID-19 patients into nursing homes and elder care homes.  That cost thousands of lives.  Density of population seems to be the most important factor in the spread, yet even rural areas are under lock down.  Hogs are being culled, because meat processing plants have closed.  Chickens are being killed because there’s no one preparing them.  Eggs even will cost lots more.  Everything will be much more expensive post lock down, and most people are now catching on to that disturbing fact.

The hospitals is many areas are in economic trouble, because all voluntary procedures, and normal things they did that brought in money were suspended, because of this virus.  Yet, the hospitals have many empty beds, and not many virus patients.  Medical professionals are being laid off because there’s no work for them.

The ones that are overwhelmed in the large cities are heroic, sure, but all the rest are standing around wondering when they will be cut.

It’s not Trump doing this, either.  It’s the governor of your state.  Get the governor to listen to reason, and understand the President has called for and wants the economy to be up and running.  He’s said so a number of times.  Of course, safety is important, but not more important than the economy as a whole.

I’m expecting that the insurance companies will be raising rates, and the democrats in Congress will be calling for Medicare for All, as a result of this period of panic by the people.

Government has not done a good job.  The federal government has not the power to dictate to the states.  But the individual states are destroying the nation.  So, what is going to happen?  Anybody’s guess at this point.  I don’t see a bright future and the election will be a mess.