Credit to Patrick Byrne for These Four Videos….

Make sure you watch, and see evidence the election was rigged, stolen, illegitimate….    Also check out his telegram at

For much more information about his remarkable story, check out

Where you will find his remarkable six chapters of how he tells the story of Trump losing the White House.

That evil Trump.  He lowered the cost of certain very expensive drugs, to help everyday people.  He forged peace agreements in the middle east, brought home many of our boys from war torn areas, tried to bring them all home from Afghanistan, but not quick enough.  He named the first gay guy Ambasseador to Germany, and then to the highest security spot in the White House!  He began to build the wall on the southern border, to secure our nation from the throngs who pour over it uninvited.  He did a lot to put China in it’s place and let them know we weren’t taking crap from them, pulled us out of the Paris Accords, although we are the only nation that actually achieved the stated goals of that agreement, and pulled us out of the Iran deal as well.  He cancelled tons of Obama’s executive orders and eliminated tons of regulation that was strangling the economy, and put tons of people to work, raising the black unemployment from something like 40% to about 6%, and gained a ton of fans in the black community.  I could go on, and maybe I will later.  Point is, he was on the side of the American people, not the corporations, not the globalists, not foreign interests.

Biden is not your friend.