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“Election Integrity” in the Now

2000 Mules will be enjoying a broader release I’ve read in as many as 400 theaters nationwide, so that all those who think they can deny what happened will be able to see it, and try to refute it’s rather obvious findings.  Smashingly well done production, and True the Vote and Dinesh D’Souza have stunned the deniers and made mincemeat of their phony arguments.  I am so happy for the success of the film and still find it Number 1 on the Amazon list.

Finally, according to Patrick Byrne, the USPS issue will be dealt with somehow.  He’s reported that there is a court case or two in the US District Court in DC that will “compel” answers from the USPS about the business of having shut down required saving of imaging files for six years, and during the crazy 2020 election season, they saved them for only a month, making investigation of mailing of ballots impossible.  In the case of Maricopa County audit, the county dragged it’s heels and stalled long enough to produce as many ballots as they needed to match the machine count.  The Senate would not allow Runbeck to be approached by the auditors, to determine what role they may have played in the stolen election, and Runbeck mailings are definitely in question, as they printed and mailed, according to reports, in excess of four million ballots to a mere two and a half million registered voters.  So, where did those ballots go?

How much liberty are we to sacrifice to safety?  The COVID issue has been used to pervert the course of justice, and steal the 2020 election, and it is beginning to look like the globalist elites and the WHO will find a way to mess things up again claiming MonkeyPox as the problem.  Really?  Are we that easy to manipulate?

And it would be nice if those in the “election integrity” arena would stop taking shots at one another, and claiming everyone but them are “grifters.”  It’s become clear that actually getting the job of doing an audit will kill your business, and destroy your personal reputation, and media and Democrats will work hard at that, while unAmerican party loyalists in the Republican party, called RINO’s for a reason, will also help out with that disgusting task.

And yes, I have an opinion.  Someday, like the Russia Hoax, this whole issue will wind up in a court, and just like the Russia Hoax, the jury will be composed of Clinton donors, and other DC stalwarts unable to provide anything like real justice.

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