Electronic Registration Information Center, boy, it sounded so good, and was sold to so many states as they solution to their problem of cleaning election registration databases. Sure. They are doing such a great job, of getting information from all the official sites, social security, DMV, and registration databases, and checking for all the changes that need to be made. Folks who moved, or who died, or who are no long eligible to vote for some reason or other, and the states, for a small fee, of something like $35,000 a year, send them all this data, all the private critical vital data on you and everyone, and they go through it all every month. EVERY MONTH!

Your state sends them all this data EVERY MONTH, and they hunt down the folks who can be cleared out of your election registration databases. Do your states do that? Many never bother to do the work of removing all those ineligible voters. Oh, but ERIC has done their job, and provided the lists.

But, ERIC GETS a ton of vital private date every month, and gets paid to take it from your state.

How safe is your data in the hands of your state? Think about that.

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