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Fire Hose of Finger Pointing and Accusations

It’s been a restful time, because we’ve been sickly.  Likely flu.  No way was I going to go hunting for testing anywhere, during this period, while sick, because really, folks.  How smart is it to go stand in line for testing for a virus?  I mean, if you have it, you will surely spread it, and if you don’t you are exposing yourself.  Duh.  So, recovering.  On our own.

While over on Telegram and Rumble, etc., the fire hose of finger pointing and accusation has gotten even worse since Kyle was acquitted.  I mean, I’m glad he was acquitted, because he was obviously innocent.  But then saying what he did on TV with Tucker blaming Lin Wood and that other lawyer.  Sheesh.  Naturally, Lin Wood provided tons of documentation and proof of his innocence.  But then, that wasn’t enough.  Why on earth that turned into finger pointing and accusations against Gen. Flynn, and Patrick Byrne, and Jovan Hutton Pulitzer, and why on earth so many people jumped on that flying circus all pointing fingers, and claiming they were scammed by the audit!


Some common sense and reason should prevail.  I’m beginning to think Lin thinks he’s the only one with God’s ear, and that he speaks for God directly.  I just wish when people are doing some “discernment” they would not take his word as God’s.  Good people are being smeared.  Enormous effort undertaken on behalf of the people is being called a scam.  Unbelievable.

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