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Forensic Audit Data Visualizations

I’ve got tons of data visualizations I’ve downloaded and opened on my drive here.  These are visualizations concerning forensic analysis of the data obtained during the only full forensic audit done of the 2020 election so far.  There may be more full forensic audits, but time is running short as the ballots can be destroyed in early September of this year.  That would be a tragic loss.

These short vids I’ve prepared are just examples, and are made from scanning through the hundreds and hundreds of charts describing results of the audit.  The Keshel Ratings and the Piton Ratings are pretty telling evidence that coincides with the findings of the full forensic report, furnished to the Attorney General’s office for prosecution of obvious maladministration, and even 14th Amendment violations.  Here’s yet another example.

This shows the growth of voter registration and the percentage of those registered who voted in the last four presidential elections.  As you can see, it also includes indications of Keshel Ratings and Piton Ratings on the bottom.

In these short videos, you can slow or stop them anywhere, and advance one frame at a time, and get a detailed report on each precinct.

Here’s the 80 page detailed KinematicArtifactDetectionReport completed September 2021.  Read it.  The analysis was completed by Jovan Hutton Pulitzer, and you can contact him and see more of his work at jovanhuttonpulitzer.locals.com which is where these reports and graphs came from.  His podcast and radio show, CUT THE CRAP,  can be found in many places.  The acronym stands for culture, race and politics.  A cute play on words.  But he never minces words, rest assured.

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