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Forensic Reports for Maricopa County Audit 2020 Available

And here’s just a short note from Jovan Hutton Pulitzer who did the forensic analysis reports of the millions of ballot images produced in high definition during the audit conducted by Cyber Ninjas in Arizona of the Maricopa County ballots.  As you can see, there were considerable problems with the results of that 2020 election, and indeed, it should not have been certified.  All this information has been turned over to the Attorney General who is running for the US Senate hoping to be elected while stalling and doing little of note so far.  Likewise, the Senate has not seen the forensic analysis yet, and there is some controversy over why, and it could just be they don’t want to see it.  For fear high powered donors won’t want to provide funding for their next elections if they might not have even been elected in the first place.  Let’s face it, if things were this bad, down ballot candidates could also have been selected, instead of elected.

Here’s the list! 

Here’s Jovan’s note:

Hey guys, this is an amazing full forensic audit report.

This is the report where we detail ALL the inflated, fake, hit-and-run, in-and-out, voters used to swing elections. This is 3 reports in one. Each report is 748 charts of amazing data visualization.

There is an explainer video included with a follow-along pdf.

I teach how to read and understand these reports exclusively at www.JovanHuttonPulitzer.locals.com so JOIN me as a subscriber there so you can learn how this crap works and how to stop this crap from happening again.

President Donald J Trump said:
When is Attorney General Mark Brnovitch of Arizona going to rule on all of the election fraud and large-scale irregularities that wait before him?
We already know there is ZERO legal chain of custody on over 700,000 dropbox ballots! This means they should have never been counted, but they not only counted them they CERTIFIED THEM!
Maricopa County Election Officials have already illegally deleted hundreds of thousands of elections-related files, but what else are they hiding?
Where else are Maricopa County Election Officials cutting corners, shaving off votes, and packing in phantom and fake voters?
Every single Precinct activated old out of use and inactive voters to the tune of 6% average per precinct 6% and that was just the average the worse precincts managed to magically find an extra 10, 12 and even almost 14% reactivated voters!
In a race declared certified by a mere 10,500 voters, yet 179,418 old, inactive, and supposedly disinterested voters reactivate for 2020 alone?
Just wait it gets worse! A voter who votes is the most precious of ALL on the voter rolls, right?
So why then did Maricopa County Election Officials – beginning the day after the election removes 23,108 voters who had just voted in the general election. That’s 2 times the margin of the whole election. Why would the instant boot an active voter who just voted? What are they hiding?
2697 of those supposed active voters cannot be found on any other county databases? Since when did ghosts vote?
You get the picture!
Virtually every single voting precinct in Maricopa County INCREASED their voter roll purge by 200% AFTER the election! Why AFTER THE ELECTION? Some precinct increased their voter roll scrubs by 500% , 600%, 700%, 900% 1000% 1200%, even up to 1700% the worst? The most scrubbed after the election precinct scrubbed their voter rolls at an astounding rate of 4066%
NOW SEE FOR YOURSELF – just how bad the Maricopa Election Maladministration is!
These three interlocking reports which show exactly what Maricopa County is hiding!
You’ll get the historical merge purge report for each precinct to see just how bad this was
You also get the ANOMALY REPORT to show all the potential nefarious activities with the voter rolls
And finally, you’ll get the FUNGIBLE VOTER ASSET REPORT which will show you exactly where those “extra – use when needed inactive voters” are located. Over 179,000 waiting to be used to swing the next election when needed!

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