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Free Speech is Threatened

Dialog and free speech …. When our Constitution was written, and the founding fathers were debating ratifying it into the fundamental law of the land, they discussed very weighty serious matters and opposing viewpoints using pseudonyms….. valuable because folks didn’t just go along with their neighbor, but with the idea, and that’s freedom. They did ratify the Constitution along with the Bill of Rights, and the first amendment guarantees us that same freedom of speech, etc. Enshrined into history as the Federalist Papers and the Anti-Federalists.

Today, we struggle to maintain these fundamental rights, and using pseudonyms is now becoming a necessity, because the forces that need to silence true dialog and free speech are using government, corporations, banks, and charitable organizations to punish folks who say unpopular things or express wrong think.

Are we to be sheep or men? Use a pseudonym to be truthful about your thoughts and ideas, and stop those powers that be from taking what you have and worked for all your life. Whatever works. Because we cannot just fold, and quit on our uniquely American values. Those who accuse you of “hiding” are fools, and already folded on our values. Pity them. But don’t weaken.

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  1. I am CA Sacramento QueenyChica on Telegram, @zipzinga. I’m in Jovan’s group with you. I just forgot which one of my Jovan friends this site belongs to.?

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